How ARA Interiors Creates Clinics That Motivates Staff to Get Stuff Done

How does the work environment make doctors feel? Most medical practitioners are time-poor but would love to work in more inspiring spaces. They spend long days and nights dealing with situations that can be highly stressful and yet, they report not having a single piece of art, greenery or even window views to allow their minds to wonder for a few minutes a day. On average, most physicians work over 60 hours per week and have less than 1 hour for daily breaks.

How ARA Interiors Creates Clinics That Motivates Staff to Get Stuff Done
Sydney, Australia, April 18, 2019 --( Does this sound familiar?

Over 100 patients interviewed by ARA Interiors company claimed to feel threatened, distressed and even annoyed when visiting a health centre, stating that most clinics and hospitals have a frigid and ordinary environment that triggers memories of pain, loss and other negative feelings. On average, 78% admitted they avoid the visit and often postpone it for months.

Refurbishments have a hugely positive impact on patients, medical practitioners and staff. It also renews brand loyalty and increases overall professional performance.

Who said that clinics must be drab and utilitarian?

A clinic is also a work environment and consequently is invariably the place most people spend most of their time in, so it deserves to be a space that represents style and meets needs at the same time.

Healthcare technologies include innovative materials designed especially for health centres to maintain a sterilised environment, without neglecting style. Workplaces should present credibility, composure and neatness whilst allowing professionals and patients to connect and trust each other in a comfortable environment.

Do not hesitate to hire a professional company that understand the needs of your company. Find a company that provides a turn-key approach to projects, including project management to ensure that everything flows together seamlessly from plan to completion, resulting in a beautiful and cohesive design. The chosen design firm needs to be able to create a memorable, beautiful and practical space for you, your staff and patients.

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Cindy Pellegrino - Principal Interior Designer at ARA Interiors

Cindy Pellegrino - Principal Interior Designer at ARA Interiors

"My philosophy is to work in close collaboration with our clients to design a unique space. Our tailor-made approach ensures that clients gain appreciative value to their establishments, supporting their corporate identities, and strengthening their brands."

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