"Paranoia" by Susan Wingate Places in Writing Competition

Susan Wingate's Free Verse Poem, "Paranoia," wins 2nd place in 2007 Literary Magic Writing Competition.

Seattle, WA, March 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Although she calls herself a writer of fiction, Wingate's poetry is received well at the judges' table.

Her second poem in two years to win in an international writing competition, Wingate's "Paranoia" receives critical acclaim by the judging panel.

"Poetry with a strong psycholog[ical] background usually causes readers to ponder, to think about the topics that the words express. That is exactly what Wingate has utilized in her poem, "Paranoia." [This] poem ponders what goes on inside of someone's head when paranoia takes control of them. Paranoia makes people suspicious of everyone, usually for no good reason. With exquisite wording and sound imagery, Wingate's poem makes readers ask if they themselves are the ones experiencing the feeling of paranoia."

When asked about the poem she said, "It's funny, really. I wrote it in the middle of the night when nobody should be awake! I didn't give it much thought until one day I saw this contest come across my desk. There must've been some quirky language to what the publishers wanted because I sent "Paranoia". I really didn't think anything would come of it. Just goes to show, you never know." And, when asked if she had any other surprises in store for us this year, she merely stated that her second novel, Bobby's Diner, was getting a lot of attention. Hopefully, we'll get to read that one in the near future.

Wingate's website is susanwingate.com and you can link to her poem through her blog at susanwingate.blogspot.com.

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