TFI Envision Tasked with Multilingual Projects

Norwalk, CT, May 03, 2019 --( With the ever increasing globalization of goods and services, TFI Envision, Inc. has been tasked by many clients to create packaging, promotions, advertising, digital and more with one, two, three or more languages.

“Incorporating several languages into a package design or advertising can be challenging from a design standpoint. We are careful to maintain the brand integrity and the visual language while making sure that the text is readable. It can often result in careful copy editing to ensure the meaning is not lost. With digital applications, such as a website or an app, the viewer may often have the choice of different languages with a touch of a button,” said Mary Ellen Butkus, VP of TFI Envision, Inc.

“Those who learn an additional language acquire mental advantages beyond monolingualism. Learning another language in childhood improves cognitive abilities, allowing the brain to more easily alternate between activities, focus more clearly in a busy environment, and remember things better.” 1

The 6 most useful languages to learn are:
- English - approximately 370 million native speakers and 600 million non-native speakers
- Spanish - approximately 470 million native speakers and 100 million non-nativespeakers
- French - approximately 80 million native speakers and 153 million non-native speakers
- Mandarin Chinese - approximately 1 billion native speakers and 200 million non-native speakers
- Arabic - approximately 290 million native speakers and 132 million non-native speakers
- German - approximately 110 million native speakers and 52 million non-native speakers 2


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Elizabeth P. Ball