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Eagle Technology Announces CMMS AI Chatbot

Eagle Technology, a leader in Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), has announced its new product, "Ask Steve" CMMS Chatbot.

Mequon, WI, May 14, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Eagle's "Ask Steve," modernizes analytics by allowing users to ask questions about their data and receive visible results.

This new technology makes it easy to extract data simply and comprehensively without the need of dealing with their data directly. Users can, in essence, interact with their database in order to see the information and share it with others. Ask Steve is a module which can be added on to Eagle’s CMMS package, Proteus MMX.

Ask Steve is a ChatBot, letting users “drive” through their own data history using a conversational approach, discovering patterns that they couldn’t before. All in real-time and reproducible. Compared to free-flowing natural language solutions, which results in user frustration and errors, Ask Steve uses a controlled/engineered natural language approach in which a recommendation engine guides the user along the engineered language surface as they compose their dialogs. And as you use Ask Steve more, it learns more (AI and Machine Learning capabilities) and can better anticipate your questions.

The result is a more natural human-machine natural language dialog system in which the platform can unambiguously understand the user. The technology has been demonstrated to improve the productivity of users by 10X, and to allow users to discover patterns that they were not able to discover before, all in real-time. A crucial aspect of their technology is that it is based on the philosophy of empowering users with AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics to form a synergistic collaboration between the user and the (data) machine.

Ask Steve is the next platform in user-driven analytics. Unlike with standard reporting, there is no need to fully understand the data structure or tables involved in generating in-depth outcomes. In this way, Ask Steve can be used by executives, supervisors and technicians alike. It can also be used across multiple facilities or a single building.
Eagle Technology, Inc.
Barbara van der Walt