Marcoot Jersey Creamery to Celebrate National Dairy Month in June

St. Louis, MO, May 13, 2019 --( In order to kick off National Dairy Month in June, Marcoot Jersey Creamery is celebrating CheeseFest 2019 along with their recent success following the nationwide launch of Extreme Ice and their new partnership with Schnucks.

“Spring has been a wonderful time for Marcoot Jersey Creamery,” says President Amy Marcoot. “Our team has been working incredibly hard to get us to where we are today. Extreme Ice and Schnucks are just the beginning. Get your taste buds ready, America.”

Marcoot Jersey Creamery’s CheeseFest 2019 will take place on Saturday, June 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 526 Dudleyville Road in Greenville, Illinois. This family friendly, free event will include the annual Marcoot Cheese Olympics with interactive games, cheese cooking demonstrations, and free samples.

Marcoot Extreme Ice will also be available for purchase at CheeseFest 2019. In April, Marcoot Jersey Creamery announced the nationwide launch of this new and delicious frozen treat which contains crushed fruit and fresh sweet cream whey.

Marcoot’s whey, a byproduct of cheesemaking, comes from the creamery’s primarily grass-fed cattle. Specifically, Marcoot raises Jersey cows, which are known for producing excellent, rich, and high-quality milk. Sold in 5 oz. containers, it provides 20 grams of protein and zero grams of fat per serving. There is no added sugar and contains crushed fruit.

In May, Marcoot Jersey Creamery also announced that Schnucks will officially provide their cheese in 90 locations throughout the St. Louis, Edwardsville, and surrounding Illinois areas. Aged in a special Marcoot underground aging cave – designed after the man-made cheese caves in Switzerland – natural aging is provided for their cheese.

Marcoot embarked on a new adventure in the legacy of the Marcoot Jersey Farm by creating their first wheels of cheese in 2010. Today, their available cheeses at Schnucks include aged gouda, tipsy cheddar, smoke gouda, and plain, garlic, and sriracha curds. All cheeses can be found in the deli section.

When John and Linda Marcoot were ready to pass on the torch, Amy and Beth Marcoot left their jobs to run the family’s farm in Greenville, Illinois. Along with Audie Wall, their cheesemaker, business partner, and longtime friend, the Marcoots have been able to continue their family’s heritage in the dairy business.

According to IDFA, National Dairy Month is a great way to start the summer with nutrient-rich dairy foods. From calcium to potassium, dairy products like milk contain nine essential nutrients, which may help to better manage your weight, reduce your risk for high blood pressure, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

About Marcoot Jersey Creamery

Marcoot is a seventh-generation family-owned Jersey dairy farm in Greenville, Illinois. The family is passionate about the quality of their farm, milk, and products, and they are pleased to share that passion with you and your family. Marcoot Jersey Creamery handcrafts only the highest-quality artisan and farmstead cheeses, and many other products including fruit and whey ices, primarily grass-fed beef, clover honey, and more.

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