P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Honors the Newest Women of Empowerment Members

P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Honors the Newest Women of Empowerment Members
Manhasset, NY, May 22, 2019 --(PR.com)-- P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to recognize their newest Women of Empowerment members who have been honored for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About The New Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is pleased to introduce the newest Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Brittany Villa--Accounting
Tiffany L. Froehlich--Advertising/Marketing
Christina Rodriguez--Advertising/Marketing
Zulma Garcia--Advertising/Marketing
Robin L. Turek--Advertising/Marketing
Cynthia H. Shambley--Apparel/Fashion
Pamela McMillan--Apparel/Fashion
Teri Giuliano--Art
WaChetta Williams--Automotive
Kristal Mayberry--Banking/Mortgage
Linda K. Gallagher--Beauty/Cosmetics
Alicia A. Zefta--Beauty/Cosmetics
Maribel Almeida--Beauty/Cosmetics
Tracey M. Watts-Cirino--Beauty/Cosmetics
Cheryl A. Palmieri--Beauty/Cosmetics
Sandra McMurchie--Beauty/Cosmetics
Charmagne Lawson--Beauty/Cosmetics
Celeste Castillo--Business Supplies/Equipment
Roxanne R. McCarter--Cleaning Service
Robyn A. Musselman--Cleaning Service
Allison L. Pantaleon--Cleaning Service
Marcy R. Stone--Coaching
Jeanie Scott--Coaching
Linda L. Zlotnick--Coaching
Susan Klein--Coaching
Zoryana Casiano--Coaching
Joanne M. Crawford--Construction/Building
Joan M. Harmer--Consulting
Donna L. Baylor--Consulting
Donna Lynise Ayo--Consulting
Ramona Brockett--Consulting
Carmella Callands--Consulting
Sierrah Penniex--E-Commerce
Linda L. Forgiarini--E-Commerce
Brynda E. Lattimore--E-Commerce
Sarah J. Graves--E-Commerce
Claytisha B. Walden--Education
Martha J. Williams--Education
Doris Ann Graham--Education
Victoria M. Tomlinson--Education
Cynthia W. Beamon--Education
Shalena Lewis--Education
Raja Laxmi Sankar--Education
Michelle Mamann--Education
Brieanna Lightfoot Smith--Education
Linda K. Bradley--Education
Juliana C. Spence--Education
Zoya-Marie Wilson--Electrical/Electronic
Miriam Reed--Entertainment
Kym Douglas--Entertainment
Trish Regan--Entertainment
Dorothy Toran--Entertainment
Nicole Hayes--Entertainment
Melinda A. Wilson--Event Services
Joyese Sneed--Event Services
Denise C. Walker--Financial Services
Emma J. Knighton--Financial Services
Lonzetta R. Beaman-Gerald--Financial Services
Susan D. Mailhoit--Financial Services
Kim Meier--Financial Services
Adrienne Hampton--Financial Services
Pam Jenness--Financial Services
Bonita Reese--Financial Services
Rozana K. Reffit--Financial Services
Helga Hohn-Heiberg--Fine Art
Justina M. Marcial--Food/Beverages
Myrna Mirow--Food/Beverages
Erica Baldwin--Food/Beverages
Sonya Mayes--Food/Beverages
Crystal Hayes--Government
Ramona Jefferson--Government
Delores DaCosta--Government
Rejeana L. Hayes--Government
Cyndy Boyce--Government
Deborah J. Jackson--Government
Renita A. Duncan--Government
Angela Lee--Health Services
April N. Justice--Health Services
Arnel A. Fernandez--Health Services
Jennifer Bradley--Health Services
Adrienne T. Jones--Health Services
Barbara Ann Naranjo--Health Services
Beth Reisman Sholom--Health Services
Gloria F. Muse--Health Services
America Felix--Health Services
Sarah M. Anderson--Health Services
Philomena K. Quarshie--Health Services
L. Renee Williams--Health Services
Heidi Powell--Health/Fitness
Joanie Wilson--Health/Fitness
Hope L. Stamp--Healthcare
Deborah Dehnhoff Krofa--Healthcare
Fatmata Kamara--Healthcare
Khalifatu O. Fawehinmi--Healthcare
Janan Sayyed--Healthcare
Damaris Ramirez--Healthcare
Hannah Twumwaa--Healthcare
Phyllis Baker--Healthcare
Jessica Porter--Healthcare
Melissa A. Williamson--Healthcare
Regan E. DeBeneddetto--Hospitality
Vickie Hall--Human Resources/HR
Alissa B. Horn--Human Resources/HR
Allison Anglace--Human Resources/HR
Kathleen Stewart--Information Technology/IT
Alice Meade--Information Technology/IT
Julia T-T Nguyen--Information Technology/IT
Jane Irwin--Information Technology/IT
Kelly A. Doolan--Insurance
Latina Featherston--Insurance
Melanie Zimmerman--Insurance
Yerania Espindola--Insurance
Maria Munoz--Insurance
Neko E. Meyers--Interior Design
Carletha Brown--Interior Design
Nancy A. Archibeque--Interior Design
Laura A. Wasser--Law/Legal Services
Sacha A. Comrie--Law/Legal Services
Jennifer A. Deiter--Law/Legal Services
Adrienne D. Mayfield--Law/Legal Services
Nicole J. Zuvich--Law/Legal Services
Barbara O'Shaughnessy--Law/Legal Services
Cassie D. Preston--Law/Legal Services
Olivia Delmonico--Manufacturing
Anna Marie Szalan--Manufacturing
Evangeline Pesca--Manufacturing
Titiana R. Matthews--Massage Therapy
Diana A. Garcia--Massage Therapy
Francesca Bottos--Mental Health Care
Julie A. Fisher--Mental Health Care
Aquita Ellis--Network Marketing
Deborah A. Barge--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Kristin J. Sisley--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Joyce Perry--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Shulamith Koenig--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Pamela L. Henderson--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Helena M. Melo-Flowers--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Rochelle B. Estrada--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Brittany Branyon--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Charisse Diggins--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Tara A. O'Brien--Nutrition/Wellness
Maria S. Taute--Nutrition/Wellness
Vivian Mook Baer--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Siwonda Smith--Inventor
Carolyn K. Kalil--Career Planning
Wendy D. Morgan--Certified Pharmacy Technician
Leslie S. Taylor--Consultant
Teanna J. Flannery--Pet Grooming
Eve Gomez--Interpreter
LaTasha Snell--Administrative Specialist
Dawn L. Johnson--Pet Care
Franki Henriques--Pet Care
Paola R. Wilkins--Photography
Cassundra L. White-Elliott--Publishing
Nadine Spiker--Real Estate
Tammy Watson--Real Estate
Roxanne Lewis--Real Estate
Carolina Mendez--Real Estate
Pamela Hall--Real Estate
Farah Diba--Real Estate
Chimene M. Van Gundy--Real Estate
Rene Curry--Real Estate
T. Raven Harris-Pinkston--Real Estate
Sally Brogna--Real Estate
Kathy Yarbrough--Real Estate
Carolyn Land--Real Estate
Anita P. Latin--Religion
Anna Ferrante--Retail Industry
Wendy Supino--Retail Industry
Jena Pierce--Retail Industry
Angela Johnson--Retail Industry
Rebecca Dean-Pfefferle--Speech/Occupational Therapy
Monica S. Drake-Love--Telecommunications
Teanna Garibaldi--Telecommunications
Stephanie M. Blevins--Transportation
Shanell Royal--Travel
Elham A. Atieh--Travel

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