LegalView Expands Baxter Heparin Information Portal to Include Information on an Additional Heparin Recall

LegalView updated its Baxter Heparin information portal to add information on the most recent recall of the blood-thinning drug. Heparin, which is used to control blood during surgical procedures, was recently discovered to have a Heparin-like contaminant that sickened many and caused at least 19 deaths.

Denver, CO, April 01, 2008 --( The Baxter Heparin practice area on LegalView's site, the source for everything legal on the Web, was recently expanded to explain details of an additional Heparin recall. Heparin has been linked to hundreds of allergic reactions among patients as well as having been connected with 19 deaths. B. Braun Medical Inc. issued the most recent recall of Heparin, which was supplied from Scientific Protein Laboratories - the same company that supplied Baxter Healthcare Corporation with the contaminated Baxter Heparin. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and B. Braun Medical Inc., no one was reportedly sickened off of the Heparin from B. Braun Medical but it did have a "heparin-like contaminant," which was enough for the company to recall the drug.

Heparin is blood-thinner injected into patients who are undergoing surgical procedures such as heart disease or kidney dialysis. It is a drug that has been imported to the United States since the 1930s and is derived from pig intestines. Many surgeons find that Heparin is an extremely important drug because it prevents blood clots from forming during surgery, which can result in death among patients. However, earlier this year, a rash of individuals who had been given Heparin during a surgical procedure had allergic reactions. Individuals who have been affected by the contaminated Heparin should consider contacting a Heparin to learn about developing a Heparin class action lawsuit for which compensation may be derived from manufacturers if the tainted drug.

The Baxter Heparin that was initially recalled had been tainted with a chemical known as over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate. Through an FDA investigation, it was discovered that a Chinese company that produces the drug was responsible for the tainted Heparin. Although an investigation continues to be ongoing as to whether the chemical was intentionally or accidentally introduced into a batch of the Heparin. According to news reports, using the over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate allows for a reduction in the production of production for Heparin. For information on additionally recalled prescription drugs or to report an adverse reaction to a prescribed drug, visit LegalView’s many unsafe drugs information portals. Here, readers will find information on recently recalled drugs as well as prescription drugs under investigation such as Chantix, Avandia and Trasylol Aprotinin.

Chantix is a smoking cessation drug from Pfizer that was first introduced to the market, with FDA approval, in mid-2006. However, in late-2007 the FDA began an investigation into nearly 400 reports of suicidal tendencies and behaviors among patients. Additionally, nearly 37 suicides have been associated with the Chantix side effects, which include psychotic episodes, depression, suicidal thoughts and erratic behavior.

Avandia is a prescription drug used to treat diabetes 2 among patients; however, the drug has been linked to several serious side effects including an increased risk of heart disease and a higher chance of early onset osteoporosis. Individuals who are taking Avandia are advised to locate an experienced pharmaceutical law firm to receive consultation on an Avandia lawsuit.

Trasylol, also known as its generic version Aprotinin, is similar to Heparin in that it is used during surgical procedures to control blood loss. A study was released in 2006 from the New England Journal of Medicine, which found that the use of Trasylol Aprotinin increased the chances of a patient developing heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and death. Patients who received or may have received Trasylol or it's generic version should use LegalView's information portal to find an Trasylol attorney.

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