SoftInWay, Inc. Announces AS9100 Certification

Powerhouse turbomachinery software and consulting firm demonstrates continued commitment to high quality standards for aerospace products and services.

Burlington, MA, June 13, 2019 --( SoftInWay, Inc. was recently given the ISO AS9100D certification for its continued commitment to providing high quality goods and services; this achievement further cementing SoftInWay’s reputation as a major service provider in the global aerospace and defense industry. Over the last year, SoftInWay’s staff have undergone the rigorous process of refining its quality management system, which ensures that a supplier in the aerospace industry is providing safe and reliable products and services; as a result of this great undertaking, SoftInWay was able to pass with flying colors on the first audit.

All large aerospace and defense companies around the world including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Safran, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin as well as government agencies like NASA, the Department of Defense, and the 5 branches of the U.S. Military are often predisposed to work with ISO certified companies to ensure corporate accountability and that their entire supply chain is held to the same rigorous standards for high quality products and reliable service.

The process for becoming ISO certified, specifically AS9100D, requires that a company not only develop and maintain a quality management system, but also undergo multiple audits, both internally developed and external. Customer satisfaction and perception is one of the key requirements, as well as effectiveness, performance, and conformance of all products and services to ISO standards.

For SoftInWay, it means with the help of AxSTREAM® and SoftInWay’s engineering team, our customers can sleep easy knowing that their turbojets, steam turbines, and all other crucial turbomachines are operating at the highest standards for reliability and efficiency.

“This certification serves as a testament to who we are as a company. You do not build a good reputation by cutting corners; you do it by offering the best products and services and accepting nothing less than the best internally. For us, this isn’t the beginning of our entrance into the aerospace and defense industry. We have been designing and developing turbomachines for this industry since we were founded 20 years ago. Instead, the AS9100D certification is recognition that we take pride in our work and stand by what we do. We don’t work on a project with a company and walk away, or sell a software license and wish our customer the best, we work with our clients to ensure every requirement is met. We’ve always dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s; we now have definitive proof of that,” said Valentine Moroz, SoftInWay’s Chief Operating Officer.

SoftInWay’s latest achievement will ensure a bright future for the company as it continues to do business in the aerospace and defense industry among many others, providing high quality solutions for years to come.

About SoftInWay
SoftInWay, Inc. is a global R&D engineering company specializing in the development of efficient turbomachinery components and systems by offering its integrated and automated software platform, AxSTREAM ® for all steps of the turbomachinery design, redesign, analysis, and optimization process (including complete 3D design, thermodynamic cycles, rotor dynamics, and secondary flow and cooling system simulation). SoftInWay also offers a number of engineering services and educational courses, available both online and in a classroom-style setting.

Since its initial release in 2005, AxSTREAM® has been regarded by leading companies, including OEMs, end-users, and service providers as the go-to software for all things turbomachinery relating to design and optimization. The integrated AxSTREAM® software platform provides professional design engineers as well as companies who are buying off-the-shelf components with the capabilities to fully design and optimize their components and systems starting from scratch.

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