XHVAL Announces Launch of Newly Designed Website for Its Increasing Customer Base

XHVAL Announces Launch of Newly Designed Website for Its Increasing Customer Base
Wenzhou, China, July 26, 2019 --(PR.com)-- XHVAL, a global industrial valve manufacturer, announces the launch of its revamped website. The newly redesigned XHVAL site is responsive, sleek and very navigable. With easy-to-find search functions and clear, clickable buttons, XHVAL aims to provide its customers with better user experience.

“We always give them something to remember about our company apart from the products we offer,” Gia Lim, XHVAL sales consultant.

The company believes that this new layout is the foundation of strong customer interaction in the digital world. The new layout design is crisp with clean lines and organized to allow better web page navigation. The revamped website is now optimized for all devices. This makes the website more accessible and appealing to all screen sizes.

While simple, the design is enhanced with relevant content to suit its customers, bringing the company closer to its customer base. With better search functionality, customers will get to know more about XHVAL and the products it offers, ask for a quote or request for customized valve designs.

The new XHVAL website now has high definition images and more content. The industrial valve products have been individually organized in a drop-down menu, making them easier to access and view. Each webpage has been given a new look and added more content as part of the commitment of XHVAL to provide quality service.

XHVAL Enterprise Certificate Page
One of the highlights of this new website design is the inclusion of the Enterprise Certificate page. It showcases all the certificates the company has acquired over the years, displaying the competency of XHVAL. It showcases check valve repair certifications and other international standard accreditations such as ISO 9001, API 6D, among others.

The company holds that to move forward, there must be greater emphasis on client services. What better way to exemplify this positioning but to augment it with a website that allows individualized user experience.

To learn more about the changes at XHVAL, visit the company website: https://www.xhval.com/.

XHVAL is one of the two subsidiaries of Xinhai Valve Co., Ltd. XHVAL is an industrial valve manufacturer based in Wenzhou, China. API-certified for more than 15 years, XHVAL produces six types of industrial valves. These are ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, and plug valves. As part of their commitment to provide quality service, the company also customizes valves depending on the requirements provided by the clients.

For more inquiries, contact them through this information:
Tel: +86 577 5768 9696
Fax: +86 577 5768 7959
E-mail: sales@xhval.com
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