Mentium USA Offers Complete Range of Muzzle Brakes & Compensators for the AR-15

Mentium USA provides an expansive range of top-quality accessories including compensators and muzzle brakes that improve functionality.

Mentium USA Offers Complete Range of Muzzle Brakes & Compensators for the AR-15
Katy, TX, July 27, 2019 --( Mentium USA is a company based in Katy that specializes in manufacturing and supplying premium accessories for gun enthusiasts. They’ve enjoyed a loyal customer base because of the enhanced quality of the gun experience. The company has shown continued commitment to providing highly effective and durable products that exhibit supreme craftsmanship.

The range of essential sports rifle accessories available at Mentium USA are unparalleled. This vast collection includes everything from premium quality muzzle brakes to rails and mounting systems as well as compensators.

A compensator is a muzzle device which functions as a counter to the vertical movement of the barrel. This attachment allows the muzzle gas to be redirected so that there’s limited recoil. A good compensator needs to be complemented with the right muzzle brake to mitigate any physical damage to the shooter. The muzzle brake does the rest to make sure the gasses first collide with metal before they come out the side.

Sports rifles need to have the best aim; combating recoil can be a problem. To ensure maximum stability and top quality scopes for accurate shots, the muzzle brake and compensator need to be on par.

The company strives to provide its customers with reasonably priced accessories and prices are regulated by offering clients the ability to be able to purchase products straight from the company’s website.

A spokesperson from the company said, “We are dedicated to ensuring the quality of the products available is never compromised. We want to make sure that the accuracy and safety of our products remain excellent so your gun experience never falls short of being enjoyable for you.”

For those interested in assembling their AR-15 sports rifle for maximum proficiency and use, can visit their website for more information.
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