Start-Up Snack Maker Crispifarms Limited: Not Just Another Company - Not Just Another Banana Chip

Excited about their new product, Crispifarms prepares to share with the world, the most succulent banana chip yet. The all-natural, long-cut banana chips are coming to the Specialty Fine Food Fair at Olympia London in Hammersmith, London, where attendees can witness how Crispifarms has harnessed the amazing flavor of the Maldives in every bite.

Start-Up Snack Maker Crispifarms Limited: Not Just Another Company - Not Just Another Banana Chip
London, United Kingdom, July 28, 2019 --( The team at Crispifarms started their mission in 2016, and after three years of meticulous dedication, Crispifarms is proud to introduce their new product to the world, starting in the UK at the Olympia London -- Specialty Fine Food Fair in Hammersmith, London from 1-3 September 2019. Crispifarms has crafted the most unique, delectable, long-cut banana chips using only the best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. Simple is better! That’s why every ingredient is natural and hand-picked by Crispifarms’ most knowledgeable chefs; bananas, plucked at the perfect moment of tenderness; gently cooked in Crispifarms’ own all-natural pure can sugar and virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil...that’s it! Crispifarms produces their own virgin oils and cane sugar to ensure that only the least processed, natural goodness of each ingredient enhances the natural flavor of the amazing bananas that only come from the Maldives.

Visit the Crispifarms stand #3520 at the amazing Specialty Fine Food Fair Exhibition at Olympia London and prepare your taste buds for a new and exciting experience from the most delectable, flavorful, long-cut banana chips you've ever tasted. Each chip is its own perfectly balanced symphony of texture and flavor. All of Crispifarms’ ingredients are created by Mother Nature and they are proud to share them in their most natural, least processed form. Cooked to perfection in Crispifarms’ own pure, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil and lightly glazed with their own natural pure cane sugar, using only bananas that come from the majestic islands of the Maldives, where they are drenched in sunshine and lightly kissed by the breeze of the Sea. Once you experience the taste, one banana chip will never be enough, and that's OK because Crispifarms banana chips are all natural, clean, good food -- that's good for you. They make a perfect, healthy, worry free snack for kids too.

Can’t make it to London? That’s not a problem; you can get these amazing, healthy, natural, long-cut bananas chips too, by visiting Wherever you are, let Crispifarms’ delectable banana chips take you away and remind you that life is good. Delectable. Satisfying. Natural.

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