Tellows Reports on the Latest Threat from Phone Fraudsters

This type of scam has been increasingly reported on the Tellows platform in recent times. This press release describes the scam and advises how to avoid falling victim to it.

London, United Kingdom, August 12, 2019 --( The "press 1" scam is the latest type of phone fraud affecting consumers in the UK. It is particularly threatening and persuasive because of its focus on money and bank transactions. This means that many are liable to believe the lies told by fraudsters and lose savings.

This type of scam call begins with an automated message from a "bank," informing the listener to press 1 to stop an unauthorised transaction. According to reports, it is often claimed that this supposed transaction is to the value of £600, demonstrating that scammers try extremely hard to frighten those who answer their calls. Upon pressing 1, the listener is connected to a real person, who may demand bank details and personal information. If this information is divulged to the caller, there is a great risk that money will be stolen.

It is advised to never give out bank details over the phone. Banks themselves never ask for pin numbers or security codes. It is, therefore, suspicious if this information is requested.

Given the risk presented by this scam, tellows, a platform for users to share unknown callers’ information and for reverse phone number search, has published an article describing the issue in detail.

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