"Robocop" for Worker Safety: AI to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Imagine a perfect workplace safety officer. He never sleeps, he never tires, he even does not take coffee breaks. Computer Vision (CV) technologies are bringing science-fiction vision closer to reality.

Kaunas, Lithuania, August 04, 2019 --(PR.com)-- By utilizing AI and machine learning technologies and employing on site security monitoring video cameras, the software can identify personal protective equipment and detect and notify about PPE infringements in real time. And it is less expensive than you think.

“PPE monitoring presents a perfect area for machine learning disruption. The monitoring must be consistent, accurate and humans are just not up to the task. Workplace accidents can happen in seconds. Taking off a hardhat to wipe of sweat or removing safety goggles just for a moment can result in a workplace injury. You can instill the best safety practices, but you cannot eliminate the human factor,” notes Simas Jokubauskas, Head of Products at technology company Agmis.

Agmis develops EasyFlow Computer Vision software aimed at industrial, manufacturing, construction and retail applications. One software module is tasked at constant worksite PPE monitoring. If software detects and infringement, it notifies workplace safety officer via SMS or smartphone app. Infringements are stored in a database with corresponding video footage. This data can be used for safety violation investigations and serve as preventative measures for better future compliance.

“Computer Vision analyzes video footage for security cameras which are already deployed for workplace monitoring. The software translates this video content into actionable data. Little capital investment is required for solution deployment and analytics can be integrated with existing business management software,” notes S. Jokubauskas.

EasyFlow also introduced an online self-service platform. This further reduces deployment costs. Depending on monitoring complexity, monthly plans for EasyFlow ranges from 1000 to 3000 Eur.

“To make an impact, AI solutions must be affordable for small and medium enterprises. If they are only available to global market leaders, they are still as good as of science-fiction. Automated PPE monitoring is making inroads into high-risk workplaces and we clearly imagine it becoming a legal work safety requirement in a few years time,” notes S. Jokubauskas.
Simas Jokubauskas
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