AI RetailTech Startup ScanWatch Closes €0.5M Seed Round to Transform Store Checkout

AI retail technology startup ScanWatch attracted €0.5M in investments, with technology company, Agmis and smart retail security solutions provider, Neto Baltic leading the round. ScanWatch reduces the time spent at self-service checkout counters. The product automatically identifies scanned fruit, vegetables and other unpackaged goods, helping retailers to mitigate checkout fraud, as well as reduce unintentional scanning errors. - October 21, 2021

Mantinga Introduces AI Assistant for Worksite Safety by Agmis

A leading Baltic frozen and convenience food producer Mantinga introduced Computer Vision powered solution to ensure PPE compliance. During a three month pilot project, the AI PPE detection product was installed at the company’s logistics centre and a manufacturing plant which is currently being built. The PPE detection solution was tasked with monitoring whether employees are wearing the required protection equipment, including hardhats, high visibility vests and face masks. - October 19, 2021

"Robocop" for Worker Safety: AI to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Imagine a perfect workplace safety officer. He never sleeps, he never tires, he even does not take coffee breaks. Computer Vision (CV) technologies are bringing science-fiction vision closer to reality. - August 04, 2019

Tech Trends to Watch: Computer Vision Makes Construction Smarter, Safer and More Efficient

Being too expensive to deploy or simply unpractical, Computer Vision (CV) solutions were out of reach of most but the largest construction companies. With the growth of cloud computing resources and drop in their prices, as well as with increase of CV solution providers, the technology will make strong inroads into construction sector mainstream in 2019. - July 28, 2019

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