Beysan Develops Novel, Patent Pending Extrusion Process for Gluten Free Pasta

Beysan Develops Novel, Patent Pending Extrusion Process for Gluten Free Pasta
Tucson, AZ, August 07, 2019 --( In 2014, the owners of Beysan Inc. began developing a garbanzo-based pasta that mimics the taste and texture of wheat pasta. Garbanzo flour has an ideal glycemic profile, is high in protein and fiber, and contains all essential amino acids. The newly developed process overcame the challenges encountered in steam-based extrusion, which results in a pasty, grainy mouth feel.

Beysan created a completely hydrocolloid-based process to overcome the issues from hot extrusion. This eliminated the need for added cereals and starches which corrupt the glycemic properties of the garbanzo flour. The potential for improved texture was also very high. Developing this process took 4 years and resulted in 2 benefits. First, Pastanzo®, the resulting product, does indeed have the tooth feel of wheat pasta. The process is also compatible with conventional extrusion equipment. No steam injection is required. This hydrocolloid-based process is patent pending.

Michael Smith, the president of Beysan said, “Once we solved the texture issues, we still had to work on the distinct taste of garbanzo flour. We developed a spice blend that results in an authentic wheat pasta taste. Pastanzo™ tastes great on its own. Some customers even eat it plain with olive oil and salt.”

Pastanzo® garbanzo bean elbow macaroni is available for purchase on Amazon.
Michael Smith