One-Stop-Solution: Topicks Media Ltd. Expands Repertoire to Feature All Major VoIP Providers

New York, NY, August 21, 2019 --( Modern problems require modern solutions, and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is leading the market in providing scalable and modern phone services.

With the help of advanced VoIP technology, conventional phone communications have gone digital, revolutionizing the way modern communication works.

Leading VoIP service providers such as Ooma Office, Ring Central, 8x8, Grasshopper, and more provide various packages and a wide range of benefits. The sheer number of VoIP service providers makes it difficult for businesses to choose, which is where Top5 Business VoIP comes in.

A reliable and leading online platform that ranks VoIP service providers, Top5 Business VoIP doubles as a digital VoIP directory which people can use to decide which VoIP service provider will work best for their business.

The portal helps people choose a VoIP service provider by ranking the top VoIP service providers based on the quality of their service, the efficacy, and customer reviews.

Customers leave reviews that are available on the website, providing useful information for other potential customers. Prior customers also rate these service providers, making it even easier for people to decide on a VoIP service provider.

Speaking on the issue of choosing a VoIP provider specifically meant for certain businesses, a senior spokesperson for Top5 Business VoIP said, “VoIP service providers aren’t one and the same. Some are designed to cater to thousands of clients, whereas others are designed for more centralized, more localized bunches. When people see such an exuberant amount of VoIP providers available to them, they begin to think that it’s a good idea to go with any VoIP service provider, and they couldn’t make a bigger mistake. Our listings help them decide which service they should go for and help them save time and money.”

In addition to listing VoIP service providers, Top5 Business VoIP also provides users with multiple resources such as articles, blogs, and more. Now including all of the major VoIP service providers, Top5 Business VoIP has become an even more complex digital network, perfectly fitted to help businesses find what they are looking for.

About Top5 Business VoIP:
Top5 Business VoIP is a leading VoIP comparing website using which people can compare major VoIP service providers and select the ones best suited to their business communication needs.

Standing out from the crowd and offering users a one-stop solution as a digital VoIP directory, Top5 Business VoIP also lists the top VoIP service providers that are offering promotions separately. Users can also leave reviews for VoIP service providers on the site, and Top5 Business VoIP ranks the providers accordingly.
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