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Top5 Business VoIP helps cut through the noise in the VoIP arena by providing professionals a directory to choose the service provider best suited for them.

New York, NY, September 12, 2019 --( Given that the global revenue being generated by the VoIP industry has been increasing steadily at 15.3% every year, it’s evident that VoIP is popular with businesses.

It’s not difficult to see why: through digitizing and modernizing the conventional phone systems, VoIP service providers have the potential of reducing international calling costs by as much as 90%.

Since they come with the promise of cost-reduction, increased productivity, and customer satisfaction, VoIP service providers are one of the leading companions for businesses and offices around the world.

However, with so many businesses turning to the more streamlined, sophisticated, and digitized VoIP system, there’s the question of choosing a VoIP service provider.

With an ever-increasing number of VoIP services, Topicks Media Ltd. helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals cut through the noise and select the service best suited to their interests.

A buzzing website that ranks leading VoIP service providers based on customer reviews, work ethic, quality of service, efficacy, and results, Top5 Business VoIP is a one-stop-solution for businesses looking for scalable VoIP solutions.

Offering guides and useful articles in addition to other resources, Topicks Media Ltd. ensures that businesses are completely equipped to make informed decisions and choices for themselves.

Speaking about helping professionals with their VoIP choices, a senior spokesperson for Topicks Media Ltd. said, “Most professionals know that they need VoIP services, but when it comes to choosing the right one for their business, they’re lost.

"We help them overcome this confusing quandary by helping them compare and contrast service providers before selecting the ideal partner for their businesses. It saves them time, money, and a lot of effort.”

Topicks Media Ltd. categorizes VoIP service providers according to the plans they offer, their packages and rates, features, customer care quality, and general customer feedback.

Such a holistic model helps Topicks Media Ltd. rank VoIP service providers, which in turn helps professionals compare these services before they can decide which works best for them.

About Topicks Media Ltd.:

Topicks Media Ltd. is a leading VoIP comparing website using which people can compare major VoIP service providers and select the ones best suited to their business communication needs.

Standing out from the crowd and offering users a one-stop-solution as a digital VoIP directory, Topicks Media Ltd. also lists the top VoIP service providers that are offering promotions separately.

Users can also leave reviews for VoIP service providers on the site, and Topicks Media Ltd. ranks the providers accordingly.
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