Keller Manufacturing Appoints Douglas Rink, CEO to Lead Company

Louisville, KY, October 02, 2019 --( Keller Manufacturing (OTC: KMFI) has appointed Douglas W. Rink as the new CEO to lead the Company.

Keller’s current Board of Directors senior management have agreed to remain with the Company for the next year. "I am excited I get to work with this Board of Directors and represent the company to make Keller great again," said Douglas Rink from his home in North Carolina. "This demonstrates a commitment to grow Keller again for the benefit of all shareholders.” Rink goes on to say.

Keller’s history dates back to 1866 when the "Keller Store" in Corydon, Indiana was established. From that time, the operation entered into various businesses, including running an electrical light plant, manufacturing spokes for farm wagons, operation in a hub-mill, farm wagon production, building barns, producing wooden porch furniture, wooden truck bodies and refrigerator boxes, as well as making end tables, magazine racks, chair parts - and by 1933, a drop leaf table. The Company was incorporated in 1906 under the laws of the State of Indiana. To learn more, please visit the Keller website at – email: or call: 828-994-4706.

Forward-Looking Statement
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