Online Training for Plumbing Leak Detection

LeakTronics' online training programs equip contractors to find customer leaks in plumbing systems.

Canoga Park, CA, October 12, 2019 --( LeakTronics, the leading manufacturer of professional leak detection equipment for the plumbing and swimming pool industries offers an extensive online training program to build businesses or to add leak detection services to already operating businesses. With a forever access to training modules, leak detection equipment included and complete customer support, plumbers are calling other service providers less and keeping more profit from the jobs they perform.

There is no taboo to the art of leak detection. With the right equipment and training, plumbers don’t have to rely on third party services to find leaks for their customers. Calling another company to perform leak detections for you leaves the opportunity for that outside service provider to steal your repair work right out from under you. Keep your leak detections in house with the training and equipment available through LeakTronics and never lose paid work again.

“We spent at least $5400 a month on outside services to do our leaks,” shares James Lennon, a plumber outside of Youngstown, Ohio. “When we added up that loss, it only made sense that we get paid to do the work ourselves. With LeakTronics Plumbers Kit and their online training, I trained two of my guys to find leaks and now we get called to perform leaks for other plumbers too. It totally turned the tables in our favor and we recommend everyone do this.”

The complete Online Plumbers Leak Detection Training Course from LeakTronics comes with the all inclusive Plumbers leak Detection Kit. Throughout the online program, trainees will learn the intimate details about using the equipment in the Plumbers Kit as well as methods and techniques to perform proper whole-property leak detections that get the job done right. Access to training is a forever access, so trainees can always refer back to the materials, and there is no time limit on training. Once enrolled and granted access to the training modules, the trainee can learn from the course on their own time and will be certified by LeakTronics at the completion of their course.

The Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, as seen throughout the training modules, includes the gear required to find leaks under floors, concrete, soil and landscaping, in walls or anywhere a pipe is leaking. Training starts at the meter and teaches the technician how to properly walk the property, ruling out areas that aren’t leaking, while accurately locating the areas that are. With in depth explanation, on the job case studies, paperwork downloads, marketing recommendations and customer service with a simple phone call; the potential to launch a new business or add leak detection services to your current service regiment is available, and it’s under $5000. The complete training and equipment package costs just $4400.

As the leading global manufacturer of Leak Detection Equipment, LeakTronics also has a series of tools and equipment that help technicians and plumbers go further in their jobs. LeakTronics recently introduced the Pulse Generator PG-2 Pipe Locator for finding PVC and plastic pipes as well as metal plumbing lines underground. The new CamVac system allows users to locate pipe leaks from inside the pipe using the available camera technologies, and LeakTronics now offers a camera that turns 90 degree elbows in pipes as small as 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

For swimming pool technicians looking to work through the winter season when pools are closed, the Plumbers Training Course gives the options to take on new clients, find residential and commercial property leaks and to build a new income stream using skills they already apply to the pool industry, but can now apply to plumbing systems too.

The online training program can be seen at and enrollment can take place on the website, or you can call 818-436-2953 to get more information. Enroll today and start taking new customers in as little as a week.

LeakTronics is the global leader in professional leak detection equipment and training. All LeakTronics equipment is made in-house and is warranted by LeakTronics for repair. The Plumbers kit does not require any third party equipment and is all inclusive for the needs of the leak detection professional. LeakTronics trains and delivers equipment worldwide and offers customer support to help trainees adjust to any learning curves, and to answer questions they have while learning the art of leak detection. Visit today to learn more.
Joe Dolan