There Are Never Any Studio Versions of Any Material Ever Aired at Live Jam 107

Live Jam 107 is the world's first and only "all live" radio station format where every song played, every live concert aired, every show and broadcast done is live and are only of live versions.

Cherry Hill, NJ, October 30, 2019 --( This month, the relaunch of the world’s first and only radio station with an "all live" radio format where every song played are the live versions began broadcasting with a new Radio Hosting Platform to a worldwide audience. Live Jam 107 is broadcast now on a High-End Digital Quality streaming platform using both MP3 and/or AAC formats up to 192Kbps. The station operates out of New Jersey as part of SCA and is one of its’ media and entertainment companies. Live Jam 107, which began streaming live music with its new platform this month, will air its live music and shows 24 hours a day in all countries that allow radio broadcasts.

The station and its shows were created by founder and podcast personality, Don Lichterman. The daily schedule includes shows about current events, politics, sports, pop culture, music, TV and much more, the weekly shows include shows with live music by Led Zeppelin, Phish and The Grateful Dead along with a Reggae and World Music show, a Jazz Music show, NPR All Things Considered Live and more shows are coming soon. The station will also feature syndicated content such with Don Lichterman, Coach Sean McVay & the Los Angeles Rams.

On the changes and the relaunch in general, Don Lichterman says, “having the platform to advocate for anything quite frankly along with being a part of the live music scene, being able to broadcast now internationally, I’ve been able to grow this station and its unique format from scratch. It’s a labor of love working a radio station and it’s a great way to get your message out. Blogging is great. This is even better and the next phase this year and into next year is coordinate these broadcasts with the Sunset Television Network.”

“The other thing about working live music versions of popular recording artists is that for decades now, radio stations would only get serviced with the latest single that were always done in the studio. And, in every recording contract at all major labels, an option can be a live album, therefore every music artist has recorded one since its way cheaper than say working in a studio. If an artist is tied to a label for 8 options, a live album can be used as one but ironically and again, no radio stations would ever request live albums to play in their play list (setting aside the anomaly and even then, it would get serviced and played fort short time frames). Conversely, labels are not and never worked live albums and live material to radio stations. Now they are and now they do get played every day at Live Jam 107.”

Live Jam 107 is to not only provide live music to the world, it is also designed to provide a platform for points and counterpoints regarding current events, politics, wildlife, animals, corrupt issues, and pop culture. Don Lichterman goes on to say that “what I have the hope for happening is someone discovering a music artist that they had no clue was so intense playing wise but because everything we do is live or with live music, it showcases their playing. And, then having the reach to get out our Podcasts out every week day and every week accordingly to this new audience is amazing and yet surreal at the same time.”

Daily on weekdays is the On the Rampage w/ Don Lichterman show while On the Rampage Gameday airs once a week. Other weekly shows include the Live Phish Show of the Week, the NPR All Things Considered Live Concert, the Weekly Grateful Dead show, Live Nuggets, Get the Led Out Live, Live from the Vault, the Improv café and the Project Reggaeologist show all feature live music respectively.

New shows and new programming are expected to happen soon and the expansion to broadcasting and simulcasting live on Internet TV is also expected to be part of this system and new platform very soon.

The full show schedule is available online at, and listeners can access programming through the website, mobile app and at popular outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Tune In, Radio FM and more.

About Live Jam 107: Live Jam 107 is the world's first and only "all live" radio format where every song played is the live version! This unique format in radio broadcasting is where every song we play, every live concert we air, every show and broadcast are all done and are always the live versions. There are never any studio versions of any material ever aired at Live Jam 107! From daily talk shows and the Los Angeles Rams Game Day along with The Coach McVay Show to pop, rock, urban, world, island, dance, reggae, rock, jam band, electronic, club and everything we play is from the live album or from a live performance by the top music artists in history.

Shows Include: Get The Led Out Live Live!, The Improv Café, Project Reggaeologist hosted by MC OBP!, NPR Music All Considered Live, Live From The Vault!, Live Nuggets, Live Grateful Dead, Live Phish, On The Rampage with Don Lichterman, On The Rampage Game Day, The Coach McVay Show.
Live Jam 107
Thomas Selby