Instacollective Shakes Up Instagram Marketing

Instacollective takes a different approach to Instagram Marketing. Instacollective was created in June 2019 and expanded, adding its first contractor in August 2019. Instacollective is run by Vince Martellacci, who got into Instagram through activism.

Oakland, CA, November 04, 2019 --( In January 2017, realizing the nation was about as divided politically as it has ever been, Vince Martellacci started a project, with absolutely no money, to get people politically involved by spreading political calls to action, event information, and donation opportunities. He was armed with only an Instagram account.

Vince became an Instagram devotee. He tried to use other social networks, but just didn’t see the same results as he got on Instagram. Instagram is where people were open to suggestion, and trusted the accounts they followed.

Over the years, he put his Instagram knowledge to work pro bono and professionally. He started Instacollective in June 2019, and states, “I don’t know any Instagram marketing agency who does exactly what we do.” He’s referring to what he calls his “a la carte” menu, the bare bones of what works on Instagram.

Through Instacollective, Vince runs contests, ads, and influencer campaigns for $100 or less. He offers an Instagram crash course where he touts “on-going support and a host of free resources” as more than enough reason to sign up. He even creates, but also curates (finds for reposting) content as a service.

The signature service is still Instagram management, but it’s not what he’s most proud of. And the mission? Instacollective wants to help cannabis businesses, creative brands and projects like musicians and clothing lines, and small businesses build awareness and succeed with a proven method.
Vince Martellacci