BitVPN Assures Users of Hack-Proof Internet Usage Following the Recent Pwn2Own Event

At the recently concluded Pwn2Own event, multiple devices including Amazon Echo and a Samsung Galaxy S10 were hacked. Putting the apprehensions of their customers to rest, BitVPN informs that its customers are safe as ever and can continue enjoying hack-proof surfing.

Singapore, Singapore, November 15, 2019 --( Two white hat hackers named Amat Cama and Richard Zhu hogged the limelight at the recently concluded Pwn2Own event when they managed to find vulnerabilities and take control of Alexa-powered Amazon Echo and a Samsung Galaxy S10 devices. This event is intended to find undiscovered bugs in gadgets from big tech companies so that these bugs can be fixed.

While the purpose of Pwn2Own is to help companies address the vulnerabilities of their products, the hacking of devices from two of the largest tech heavyweights does pose serious questions related to user safety. Unfortunately, it appears that billions of mobile users are putting their sensitive information under severe risk on a daily basis while accessing the internet. Though different internet safety measures are used extensively these days, working around them is generally a cakewalk for the hackers.

In this scenario, use of decentralized systems has emerged as a viable alternative to stay safe from the hackers. As these systems comprise of several different components, the likelihood of accidental fails and hacking are minimal. As there are several points of control, decentralized systems do not have any single point of failure. As a result, the entire system can’t be disarmed by any single point of attack. This makes decentralized system much safer compared to the centralized ones.

Immediately after the Pwn2Own event in Tokyo, popular decentralized VPN service provider BitVPN has informed its customers that they need not worry about hacking because it is built upon a decentralized, open-communication TOP-network as well as a public blockchain platform. This decentralized structure enables BitVPN to become truly anonymous, private, and secure.

“The decentralized P2P network of BitVPN is empowered by TOP Network's high-performance public blockchain platform. Single point of failure or attack is no longer a risk to the entire network, thanks to our decentralized P2P mesh network,” said a spokesperson from BitVPN. “Each and every step of data processing is encrypted, scrambled, and encrypted again. BitVPN's decentralized architecture enables everyone to become a node and spread the value of the connection.”
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Teresa Gao