Modern Moving Announcements New to Basic Invite

Find over forty moving announcements with foil elements available on now.

Modern Moving Announcements New to Basic Invite
St. George, UT, November 29, 2019 --( Basic Invite, home of "Truly Custom Invitations," came out with moving announcements for all stages of life. Launched Summer of 2019, Basic Invites' moving announcements feature designs from classic house keys, to intricate new home illustrations. Offering over forty brand new templates, with one hundred and eighty plus colors to select from, these moving announcements are a great way to let your loved ones know your whereabouts. Basic Invite also provides all their foil options on each and every moving announcement; from raised foil, too flat, from silver and gold, to their most famous rose gold. The stationery brand also now has a mailing service, making sending out moving announcements that much easier.

Onsite Marketing Associate for Basic Invite, Kass Murdoch, shares why she is most proud of their newly released moving announcement templates. She states, “Being that we have such a vast amount of large categories, with thousands of invitations available, I have really loved focusing more on these smaller categories, and making sure that we have all the right cards for those specific customers that might want a moving announcement featuring greenery, for example, or to send out an invitation to their retirement party.” The brand's Marketing Associate continues, “Being able to provide even just a few select templates for these special occasions not only lets our audience know that we hear them, but gives us a greater desire to look deeper into these smaller categories and really come up with some unique stationery for all types of events and individuals.” Focusing on life’s biggest moments, Basic Invite is able to provide invites for not only weddings and graduations, but also the smaller, more intimate moments, such as a baptism, or a big move. To discover their new moving announcements line, visit Basic Invite and head to the "Events" tab.

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Started by Brock Bacik in 2006, Basic Invite originates its simple yet characterizing name from its founder. Accompanied by Eric Mortensen, CMO of, Bacik and Mortensen have been able to create and execute a seamless line of stationery for any occasion. Fueled by a passion for perfectionism and a need for a more easy to use invite vendor in the wedding industry, the duo now has a select team of individuals making Basic Invite the new norm when one thinks invitations. With two corporate offices in Chicago and Saint George, is able to serve the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, and other US/UK owned territories. Showing a continuous upward trajectory in sales, employees, quality, and care, it’s no wonder why Basic Invite is amongst the top leading stationery brands in the country.
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