Metro Safety Training Helps Businesses Mitigate Workplace Safety Hazards by Providing Fall Protection Training

The training provider is renowned for its exceptional workplace safety courses in British Columbia.

Metro Safety Training Helps Businesses Mitigate Workplace Safety Hazards by Providing Fall Protection Training
Coquitlam, Canada, December 05, 2019 --( Occupational injuries have consistently proved to be one of the biggest challenges facing employers. Workplace safety is generally considered essential for maintaining or even improving employee productivity.

The Canadian government has been lauded by critics for implementing stricter safety regulations that have helped bring down injury rates all over the country. However, injuries suffered due to falling from heights are still particularly tough to control. The numbers back this up as nearly 20% of workplace fatalities in the country are caused by falling from heights.

In times like these, there’s now a distinct need for companies like Metro Safety Training. Metro Safety Training is a training provider that offers workplace safety courses that empower employees and educates them about their responsibilities toward their safety.

The company’s elaborate Fall Protection Training program highlights the importance of conducting routine safety inspections and illustrates unique swing fall hazards pertaining to their industry. In addition to this, students are educated about the dangers of not using the right method to don their safety harnesses and what the optimum strength rating is for each of their protective equipment.

A senior representative of the company stated, “At Metro Safety Training, we believe that workplace safety is of paramount importance. We commend the great job done by the Canadian government for enforcing stricter safety regulations, but falls accidents still remain common in the workplace. In fact, over 40,000 workers are injured every year due to fall accidents. That’s an alarmingly high number and one of the biggest reasons why we’ve put an enhanced focus on increasing the scope of our Fall Protection Training program.

“Our safety training course aims to educate not just workers, but also employees about their respective responsibilities when it comes to mitigating workplace hazards. By using the hierarchy of Fall Protection, we encourage and help employers come up with a fall protection plan that drastically reduces the risk of injuries. Nothing brings us more joy than hearing that we’ve helped workers feel safer at their job!”

The company’s workplace safety courses aren’t the only reason why they’ve gained great popularity all over the country. They also provide Red Cross CPR courses and first aid training that enables individuals to provide basic life support training in emergency situations.

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Metro Safety Training provides first aid training courses and workplace training courses in British Columbia. They have been serving the residents of the area for over ten years and are renowned for their exceptional training courses.

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