Acutrans Launches New Web Site

Acutrans, a leading translation service provider with 20 years of translation experience, just launched their new website - taking advantage of new web-enabled technologies.

Acutrans Launches New Web Site
Chicago, IL, December 06, 2019 --( Acutrans, a Chicago-based translation and interpretation company, launched its new, updated website in October 2019 for both English and Spanish speakers. Their new site takes advantage of the latest in web technologies and innovations with an all-in-one client platform. This new platform allows businesses to easily request interpretation and translation services on the go. Users can connect to an over-the-phone or video interpreter through the platform in less than 1 minute, streamlining interpretation services and making them easily accessible.

Additionally, the site is an informative and educational hub for businesses of all types. Acutrans’ newly updated website has a blog section that provides information and helpful tips about interpretation and document translation services. The blog is a must-read for any business that wants to expand its global reach through interpretation and translation services.

As the world has become smaller through technology and globalization, the demand for accurate and professional translation services has grown significantly. Moreover, over half of the US population does not speak English at home – double the number in the late nineties.

“Over 67 million people in the US do not speak English at home, and all of them need government, legal, and healthcare services. Having a company, such as Acutrans, with 20 years of translation experience, is imperative to receive such services reliably,” says Andrew Pudymaitis, CEO of Acutrans. “That’s why we serve large cities, such as Chicago, where there is a great need for our services.”

A leading provider for translation and interpretation services, Acutrans provides document translation and interpretation services for a variety of businesses within the legal, education, health care, entertainment, finance, technology, manufacturing, and marketing industries. Their document translation software allows documents to be translated quickly and with ease. Acutrans quality assurance process ensures that every word is translated accurately by thoroughly reviewing the final translated documents for accuracy, consistency, and clarity. All translated documents are certified and notarized.

Acutrans is committed to providing innovative, reliable, affordable, and, most importantly, accurate translation and interpretation services. Though based in Chicago, the company serves clients globally and helps domestic businesses reach foreign markets.

Acutrans offers translation and interpretation services in over 200 languages for medical, technical and legal documents. Contact them directly at their website ( for more information.
Marcin Rogalski