Offers a Free Guide on Low-Cost Travel to and from Italy

Written by those who love travelling through Italy, for those who are about to discover it, is offering a free guide on the low-cost airlines flying to Italy, as well as those flying low-cost within the country.

Rome, Italy, April 11, 2008 --( is created by travellers who describe Italy from their personal point of view and share their inspiration of the country and it is targeting those who would like to learn more about the country, before they go there. Starting this week the blog is launching a free guide on all low-cost airlines flying to Italy. There are also a number of airlines which operate on the territory of the country with which you can fly at minimal cost from the most northern to the most southern airports of Italy.

Available for download on, the Low-cost travel guide consists of a list of these airlines, points to their websites, monitors the airports in Italy they reach, as well as gives examples of routes and their tentative prices.

“We are launching the Low-cost travel guide as part of our desire to make Italy Travel Notes one of travelers’ most positive experiences on the web, especially for those who like traveling or are planning to go to Italy sometime soon.” – says Giuseppe Zappala, head of the Italy office of “This is the second of our series of free guides and what we are trying to do with these guides, as well as with the content of the blog, is to appeal to all of the visitors’ senses in experiencing Italy, even if they would like to travel there only in their mind.”

What makes different from the other travel information sites is the quality of the stories, which travellers share. They are different than the impersonal information one can find on other travel information sites. The readers of the blog have the opportunity to read descriptions of places and advice by their own fellow travellers. And they get the opportunity to travel though different parts of Italy even before they actually go there. And when they come back from Italy, to share their own impressions – to inspire others.

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Italy Travel Notes ( is a collaboration of international team of travellers to Italy. The management team is based in Bazzano, Italy and it works with content contributors from around the world.

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