HARVEY’S Pest Control Provides Top Tips to Prevent Bugs from Spoiling the Holiday Season

HARVEY’S Pest Control Provides Top Tips to Prevent Bugs from Spoiling the Holiday Season
Los Angeles, CA, December 14, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Since 1974, HARVEY’S Pest Control has provided local service in Los Angeles and professional grade pest control supplies nationwide. Their slogan is, "The science behind the pest that’s bugging our customers." (www.harveyspestcontrol.com)

Helping people solve their problems dealing with a pest of any nature is their goal, ultimately removing pests to give customers peace of mind. This is their way of becoming their customers' partner in pest prevention to making a major environmental impact in the world.

"We believe every American is going to deal with some kind of infestation in their lifetime. This is why it is so important to know the basics of exterminating to eradicate pests effectively and to use professional grade products. Over-the-counter pest control products are not designed to kill, but only to flush out. Many insects have already built a high level of resistance to pesticides due to wide usage, and this is why over-the-counter pest control products do not work, " says Michael Harvey of HARVEY’S Pest Control.

84% of American homeowners experience a pest problem each year. The top issues for homeowners are:

- Bed Bugs (A Nuisance)
- Cockroaches (Disease Borne)
- Rat & Mice (Disease Borne)
- Fleas (Disease Borne)
- Mosquitoes (Disease Borne)
- Spiders (Painful or Life Threatening)
- Ticks (Disease Borne)
- Termites (Structural Damage)
- As well as many other dangerous pests according to the Center of Disease Control. (CDC)

Following are tips for homeowners for pest management this holiday season:

1. Store holiday decorations properly in durable plastic, tightly sealed containers.

2. Keep the kitchen clean, as this room is the main reason pests are attracted to the home. Dispose of garbage regularly, seal food in containers and keep all cabinets clean.

3. Seal all gaps by installing door sweeps on front and back doors. Seal all cracks and crevices where bugs can hide inside, including areas where the utilities pipes enter.

Follow these steps to avoid visits from seasonal pests. Kick start the New Year with a pest proofing sweep to help eliminate an infestation later.

Our job is to provide public safety to prevent injuries from insects, illnesses, and diseases. Those dealing with an infestation or who need professional-grade supplies for preventive measures with free shipping may visit HARVEY’S Pest Control at www.harveyspestcontrol.com

"We Get'Em!"
HARVEY'S Pest Control
Michael Harvey
Don't let bugs spoil your holiday season.

Don't let bugs spoil your holiday season.

"The science behind the pest that's bugging our customers."