The Crane Safety Equipment Offered by Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Reduces Construction Accidents

The leading distributor of crane safety instruments in Atlanta helps maximize construction safety and prevent accidents.

The Crane Safety Equipment Offered by Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Reduces Construction Accidents
Canton, GA, January 13, 2020 --( According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 150,000 construction site accident takes place. The construction industry experiences a tough challenge to prevent accidents, particularly around heavy machinery.

It’s critical to acknowledge the potential dangers and take precautionary measures to ensure workers’ safety. Construction companies who use advanced safety tools and machinery are able to reduce the chances of accidents.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a leading distributor of RaycoWylie safety equipment in the United States. The company sells high-quality safety equipment, including ATB warning systems, wireless wind speed indicators, load indicators, camera systems, two-way radio systems, among others, which helps to ensure worker’s safety.

Speaking about safe construction practices, a representative of the company stated, “The technological advancements have improved the safety levels in the construction industry. Companies can keep their workers protected by providing them with the latest safety equipment.

“For example, workers can avoid crane accidents by checking blind spots via camera systems. Also, they can avoid overloading the crane by checking the weight via load indicator systems and prevent deadly accidents.”

The Canton-based company is renowned as one of the most reliable distributors of high-quality crane safety products in the United States. In addition to crane safety products, the company also sells premium-quality parts, including cable reels, sensors, control boxes, and more.

“We strive to improve the overall safety of their construction site. Hence, we offer the latest, highly-advanced crane safety system that helps to reduce the margin of human error and ensure safe operations,” the representative added further.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has been selling original RaycoWylie products since 2001. The company's goal is to provide customers with the best crane capacity systems within their budget.

The premium-quality crane instrumentation and safety products by Crane Warning Systems Atlanta help construction companies to maximize site safety and facilitate an efficient construction workflow.

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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a Canton-based company that provides a wide range of advanced safety equipment to clients at competitive prices. Operating since 2001, the company has established its reputation as a top RaycoWylie distributor in the US.
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