Showy Officially Announces New Business and Website Launch for February

Based on decades of technological expertise and professional installation contracting for both residential and commercial spaces, Showy makes smart home or office design and installation effortless and available through its pre-selected packages to a customized design option on

Showy Officially Announces New Business and Website Launch for February
Dana Point, CA, January 29, 2020 --( Showy, a leading Southern California provider of smart home and office solutions and professional installation, is proud to announce the new company partnership and launch of its new website at Bringing more than 30 years of technology architecture, general contracting, and superior support experience under one banner, co-founders Omar Chanman, Mike Honeycutt, and Jacques Henri-Hutchison combined forces to focus on the hyper demand for smart, connected capabilities and automation.

"We all came to meet each other working on an investment property project whose owner wanted to showcase tech in the home. It wasn't just plugging in devices but integrating them into the fabric of the home. As a group we delivered exceeding the owner's expectation, but collectively saw the opportunity," said Mike Honeycutt, Showy's General Contractor. Jacques Henri-Hutchison, Showy's Tech guru laughed, "I live to geek out with the tech however seeing the excitement when the potential buyers realized how easy, frankly fun, it was to control things in their space with a voice command or their cell phone...without a doubt made the home standout and valuable."

National research shows that 54% of consumers plan to purchase a smart home device in the next year. Further, new constructions of homes and commercial buildings are incorporating smart devices with the highest year-over-year growth, 267% and 250% respectively.

"We know that more than 100 million devices, and growing, with Alexa or Google voice assistance exist in homes and offices today," said Showy's Partnership Director Omar Chanman. "What's more amazing about that figure is a glaring percentage of those devices are not made by Amazon or Google, but are partner devices with voice assistant capabilities built into them like thermostats, lighting, security systems, and even your sprinklers."

With the industry and consumer demand at a tipping point, Showy appears to be poised for growth as it gives residential and commercial property owners the ability to easily design and install smart, connected spaces to their needs using industry leading smart devices, technical experts, and professional installers.

"Showy's focus is to remove the complexity for those who are interested in making their personal or tenant lives easier, adding value and appeal to their properties, and controlling it all with their voice or mobile device," Omar Chanman added. "Whether you're completely new to the concept of a smart space or looking to add to an existing one, you'll be able to select on the site from a series of pre-selected home or office packages with the best smart devices for security, entertainment, and utility control while having our professional technicians and contractors walk you through set-up and ensuring clean installation. It's that easy!"
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