Metro Safety Offers Comprehensive First Aid Training Courses in British Columbia

The company offers comprehensive first aid training courses to individuals and companies.

Metro Safety Offers Comprehensive First Aid Training Courses in British Columbia
Coquitlam, Canada, February 29, 2020 --( According to the report released by the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), as of 2017, the total number of job-related injuries and diseases in Canada was 251,508, with an addition of 951 workplace fatalities.

The fact that these are only those cases that were notified to the authorities and compensation board makes these statistics more alarming for employees.

Realizing the severity of the situation, a leading first aid training school in British Columbia, Metro Safety Training, is offering comprehensive occupational first aid training courses. Their courses are dedicated toward helping employees in creating a safer and positive environment in their workplaces.

Medical emergencies can occur when they are least expected. But, if they occur while an employee is at work, it becomes the responsibility of the employer. These emergencies aren’t only limited to physical injuries; they may also include asthma attacks, cardiac arrests, shock, strokes, epilepsy, depression of nervous system and others. Typical first aid kits available in most workplaces can’t provide with the right tools and medication to help with these emergencies. They are usually only equipped with a variety of bandages, ointments, and scissors and this is where the problem begins.

Metro Safety Training offers different levels of occupational first training courses that provide detailed theoretical knowledge and practical training to enable employees identify what’s wrong and respond to emergency situations proactively and confidently. These trainings don’t just reduce the number of injuries; they also boost employee morale and satisfaction with their employers. Furthermore, it benefits employers and workplace productivity by reducing the number of sick leave applications and employee absenteeism.

Their first aid courses for workplaces are categorized into level 1, level 2, and level 3, based on the safety concerns of companies and coverage of the course. Level 1 is more basic, but still covers a range of approaches including CPR, soft tissue injury management, hemorrhage control, minor injury first aid, and others; whereas level 3 covers is the most in-depth and detailed.

At a medical conference, one of the first aid trainers from Metro Safety commented, “We realize that if employees fall sick, get hurt, or pass away; it doesn’t just affect the workplace; it also deeply impacts the lives of their family members, their friends, and everyone who loves them. This is why we offer highly extensive and reliable occupational first aid training, so that not only workplaces are safer, but every other place where the trained employee goes.”

Companies looking to sign up for an occupational first aid training course can get in touch with Metro Safety Training via below provided contact information.

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Metro Safety Training provides first aid training courses and workplace training courses in British Columbia. They have been serving the residents of the area for over ten years and are renowned for their exceptional training courses.

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