2b Acting Release Their First Look Selective Interactive Video

Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, has released a first look episode of their Today and Tomorrow: Interactive web series on their online platform, InView.

Leeds, United Kingdom, March 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- 2b Acting’s Today and Tomorrow series is coming back. Their ground-breaking soap drama returns with a big difference: It will be interactive.

When the original Today and Tomorrow series exploded onto internet and mobile devices in 2008, it was instantly recognised as one of the most ambitious digital media productions of the day and was picked up by ITVlocal.com for their website and shown on the UK national SKY Venus TV channel. Now, 10 years after completing series 3, Maria Estefan (Anastasia Ampatzoglou) and Gerry Saunders (Tyron Maynard) are back together for an even more exciting wild ride – this time however, their antics will be pioneering the first Selective Interactive Video series. Available in "Enhanced Mode" on InView.

Enhanced Mode

The first look Today and Tomorrow: Interactive episode is available now on InView. You can watch as an ordinary video, but you should also watch in what the company is calling "Enhanced Mode," where the interactive elements become available to the viewer.

When you play the video in Enhanced mode you switch on:

• Random content selection: Which start scene will you see? A random selection means you may never see the same start twice.
• Alternative content: Narration from two different characters. Will you view the video differently depending on which character you hear speak?
• Extra details: Read the messages sent to the character’s phone during the episode. Discover a little more about the story.
• Information tags: Keeps you updated so you never have to ask what’s happening and who is that.
• Different viewpoints: Just for fun or to add to the intrigue. Switch the viewpoints of the camera at various points in the episode.
• Additional storyline: You can select to follow a particular character in the
episode to reveal a hidden storyline.
• Change the storyline: Feedback at the end of the episode and influence what
might happen to the characters you see as the series progress.

“These are just a few examples of selective interactive possibilities and we can’t wait to show off more of what SIV can do for storytelling in each new episode of the series,” says David Jones, 2b Acting’s founder. “We are making shows viewers will want to watch over and over again.”

The company is using the web series to pioneer development in interactive video
productions to grow new work opportunities for actors and artists. Imagine the work that would be generated if you just made all the known movies interactive. The potential of this technology is huge, especially with the possibility of movie/game crossover.

Video viewing is changing, and this announcement is an indication of what’s coming.

To find out more about the production or selective interactive video visit 2b Acting’s official website.
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