Invisco Announces Handyman Advice Now Available at a Very Attractive Price

We all know about sites that offer advice, some of them for just a dollar (to get started). But you can now get a full week of advice on any number of issues for a very low price.

Temecula, CA, March 17, 2020 --( Kurt Shafer, Founder of Invisco in Temecula, California, has been building things and inventing things and remodeling homes and doing plumbing and electrical work and carpentry and installing pools and spas and moving walls since he moved into his first fixer upper in 1978.

That year he and his pregnant wife, Darlene, and their young son, Ryan, moved in to a small 3 bedroom home. It was a classic fixer. The back room was an add-on patio with walls and windows where two closets had been added. Inside one closet was a water spigot that still ran water. The reason was it was the back of the original house and was never closed off.

The hall back to the back room was installed where two rooms had closets. The new walls were spackled by an amateur and had razor sharp points sticking out that cut Ryan's arms when he ran through. The 3rd bedroom was originally the one car garage for the 1950s home. The previous owners converted it so the floor was 2 inches higher than the hallway.

On top of all of this, the kitchen presented a new problem. Under the sink was a board leaning against the back wall. When moved, it exposed a hole in the wall and a lot of white foam looking stuff that was mold that was eating all the wood in the wall.

Kurt realized that the entire sink cabinet and surrounding cabinets needed to be removed so that the extent of damage in the wall could be determined. He decided to tear the entire west facing wall out. The fungus had destroyed 3 of the vertical wall studs. That began an entire kitchen remodel, the first Kurt had ever attempted.

The next challenge was the master bathroom. It was a small room with a tub and a sink and a toilet. Kurt realized that it could be enlarged into a room with a big tub/shower and two sinks. He also saw that the wall at this east side of the home could be removed and replaced by a big 14 foot long beam to open up the master bedroom and have a large master bath. He also installed a new sewer drain to the front of the house.

The next challenge was the fact that the house had galvanized steel water pipes running in the slab floor. To make the house more modern Kurt decided to repipe the entire house in the attic and the walls. To learn how to do that, he visited Hank the Plumber in Hermosa Beach. Hank asked his son to teach Kurt how to solder copper pipes. Kurt not only replaced all the interior pipes he replaced the main pipes all the way to the street.

The point of all this is that Kurt is extremely qualified to help you with nearly all questions you might have about handyman work. As an example, he was recently called about a big bathroom wall mirror that had come loose and fell forward, leaning on the medicine cabinet door. Kurt knew immediately that it was a failure of the original mastic between the wall and the mirror. He advised the homeowner to buy simple mirror clips that screw into the wall and put them at the top of the mirror. Problem solved. $40 saved (or more).

You can purchase your week of advice at any time by calling 951 296 3611.
Kurt Shafer