Unique New Fiction Novel Published Especially for Pet Lovers

Ilona Benzel from NH published Backyard Dog, a new adult fiction novel about ten puppies and what happens to each of them after they're born.

Weare, NH, April 15, 2008 --(PR.com)-- New Book published this month.

Author, Ilona Benzel published an adult fiction novel titled Backyard Dog. The book lets a litter of ten German shepherd puppies tell their story from their point of view.

Ms Benzel begins the novel as a shelter employee named Risa discovers a mysterious book from the Rainbow Bridge committee. The committee translates the life of each pup in a litter to illustrate ASPCA statistics. The stories range from courageous, heartwarming and sad then beyond to a brave reality.

One reader on Lulu.com rates the book six wet noses out of a possible six wet nose selection.

The writer was inspired to write the book after spending many years volunteering for dog rescues, shelters, and as an animal control officer. Her experience and empathy shine through each realistic story.

Anyone who loves animals will want to share the reading experience this book offers.

The soft cover 300+ page novel, Backyard Dog, can be found at Lulu.com or http://www.backyarddog.net/ and two free sample chapters are available online.

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Ilona Benzel is currently residing in New Hampshire.

Backyard Dog; a novel
Ilona Benzel