DealersLink Helps Dealers Thrive Amid Uncertainty

Firm Remains Open, Works Remotely to Keep the Lights on for Its Clients; Unique Approach Lets Dealers Cut Cost and Increase Sales

DealersLink Helps Dealers Thrive Amid Uncertainty
Denver, CO, April 01, 2020 --( As more companies are tightening their belts, some even closing their doors, DealersLink remains open at full capacity, working remotely to deliver services to its dealers. The firm saw record growth in March, even amid early signs of a downturn.

With the climate of economic uncertainty, automotive dealers are searching for ways to cut costs and remain liquid. As the fastest growing inventory management solution in the industry, DealersLink lets dealers cut their software costs. As the nation’s first online marketplace for wholesale used cars, DealersLink provides liquidity for inventory, increases sales by providing on-demand inventory, and cuts auction fees.

“Bad economies are actually good for us,” said CEO Mike Goicoechea. “When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, we ended up having the second-fastest 18 months of growth we’ve ever had. We are open for business, and more importantly, we’re keeping our dealers open for business.”

Company executives attribute this success to the brand’s positioning as a top tier inventory management provider with the most robust software suite in the industry, while providing it at a comparable or lower cost to its competitors. DealersLink has gained a loyal following among its users for having a small company, family-style approach to doing business.

“Simply put, we cut auction fees and software cost, and provide better tools. It’s really gratifying to see that all these years of putting our head down and simply developing the best inventory management tools and best customer support team pays off when it matters,” said VP of Sales Travis Wise. “Dealers are looking to run leaner but not sacrifice capabilities, and we’ve got that.”

DealersLink has continued to roll out a stream of new features and upgrades, even this week, while many firms are simply doing crisis management. For updates, go to the DealersLink blog at

DealersLink® has been eliminating wholesale transaction fees for 15 years with over $1 billion in used inventory available to dealer members 24/7. Members use the marketplace daily to stock their lots with clean reconditioned units, locate hard to find vehicles for their customers, and sell inventory without incurring wholesale losses. DealersLink® also provides the fastest growing inventory management platform in the auto industry. Visit for more.

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