New Tool Helps Nonprofits Respond, Recover from COVID-19 Impact

New Tool Helps Nonprofits Respond, Recover from COVID-19 Impact
Tampa, FL, April 01, 2020 --( A new tool in Tampa Bay has been launched by Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay to help the region’s social sector respond and recover from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

“In most disasters -- financial or otherwise -- volunteers play a core role in response and recovery,” said Irv Cohen, Chair SVP Tampa Bay. “But COVID-19 has been a triple-whammy on the social sector -- disrupting event fundraising, hitting mission delivery revenue models and the kicker, it’s not safe for volunteers to engage the way they normally do to help a nonprofit deliver on its mission. Beyond connecting volunteers and community members with nonprofits affected, the project will also engage the expertise and financial support of not just the members of Social Venture Partners, but also key leaders in Tampa Bay's nonprofit community, in addressing the needs that are discovered through the CARES program.”

But now this tool provides a full-service solution Tampa Bay has never seen before. Located at the platform is available at no cost to nonprofits and prospective volunteers -- thanks in part to Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay and Cincinnati-based Inspiring Service, a nonprofit technology provider.

Cincinnati -- located at was the first city to launch the platform, followed by Tampa Bay, and a number of other cities are ready to launch.

The site gathers stories and data from nonprofits helping a community assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic while providing a communitywide donation platform for anyone to make a gift to a local charity that may have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. For 95 percent of the organizations, the donation goes directly to their online fundraising platform, with the platform charging no administrative fee. For the 5 percent who don’t have their own online fundraising platforms, the tool will advance the dollars pledged -- again with no fee.

Besides the response and recovery aspect, the site importantly collects and features in one place the COVID-19-friendly ways volunteers can engage in local nonprofits either remotely or online or in a safe socially distant manner.
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