SoftInWay Announces “No Turbomachinery Engineer Left Behind!”

Engineering R&D Company enters its finest hour, offering free educational software and courses to engineers affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Burlington, MA, April 02, 2020 --( What began as a short campaign to give engineers an opportunity to learn while working remotely has reached hundreds of engineers all over the world. As a result, SoftInWay is announcing a new campaign to help engineers who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic which has left untold numbers of individuals jobless and many more on unpaid leave.

The campaign, called “No Turbomachinery Engineer Left Behind,” started as a promotion by SoftInWay to give engineers who were working remotely something to do with the extra time they now had, with many being ordered to stay home in order to help “flatten the curve.” Anyone who shared SoftInWay’s newsletter with information on staying safe during the pandemic, or the accompanying post on LinkedIn, was eligible to receive free access to a self-paced course of their choosing on SoftInWay’s Turbomachinery University. The promotion was met with overwhelming success and popularity and has been extended for an extra week to allow more engineers to take advantage of this offering as more stay-at-home orders are taking affect and social distancing becomes more important.

The campaign will now take on a more expanded meaning, as SoftInWay will be offering its proprietary AxSTREAM® educational software platform to engineers who have either lost their job or been indefinitely laid off as a result of the covid-19 outbreak and its affect on the economy. AxSTREAM EDU is currently utilized by hundreds of universities worldwide to foster learning the ins and outs of turbomachinery design in a non-commercial application in the same interface; this makes it a great tool for engineers and students to brush up on their design skills as well as get them familiar with the widely used AxSTREAM® platform.

Upon successful completion of any SoftInWay Turbomachinery Course, engineers will be given a certificate. Additionally, SoftInWay will help engineers find new careers via customer referral, allowing those who have become familiarized with AxSTREAM through “No Turbomachinery Engineer Left Behind” the opportunity to put their turbomachinery education to work for a company as soon as possible.

Kim Squillante, Director of Marketing for SoftInWay commented on the new campaign saying, “This is a dark time for a lot of people, especially those who are being affected by this sudden and severe economic downturn that is paired with the coronavirus pandemic. We feel that offering our courses and software to engineers to help them learn new skills or improve their current repertoire is the least we can do. If it means more people will stay home, help to flatten the curve, and be able to find work with these certifications, we want to be part of that.”

Squillante believes that this new campaign will be “just what engineers need right now”, and hopes that by running this campaign during one of the darkest hours in recent memory, things will look a shade lighter than they had before.

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