Zilo Groove is Back on the Music Scene with a New Sound - Afrobeat, Jazz, Hip-Hop

Zilo Groove releases a brand new Afrobeat album among the Coranavirus/COVID-19 crisis. It sounds great, it is innovative and it is a good escape while you are social distancing at home.

Zilo Groove is Back on the Music Scene with a New Sound - Afrobeat, Jazz, Hip-Hop
New York, NY, April 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- After a few years of traveling, with stops in London, New York, Paris, Accra and Kinshasa, the Cameroonian artist Zilo Groove is back on the music scene with his first album recorded live in Nigeria, more precisely Lagos and Abuja.

After having decided to establish his new residence in Nigeria, during an interview, the artist said, "I was ready to return and settle in Cameroon, but with the war raging on in English-speaking Cameroon, I opted for a stopover in Nigeria. In Lagos and Abuja, I have made lots of friends, and I have decided to settle there for the moment. I was seduced by the Afrobeat Nigerian sound, so I decided to draw inspiration from it, and put my own flavor to it. With the release of my album, I would like to take the opportunity to draw the attention of the international community, and humbly ask that they pay attention to the situation in Cameroon. Thousands of people are killed every day, just because they are claiming their civil rights."

Back to the album
The album is called "Afrobeat and African Jams Miracles - Top 25 Worldwide."

On the menu is Afrobeat, with a touch of Congolese Rumba, Cameroonian Makossa and of course American Jazz and Hip-Hop. The music is catchy and bouncy and as usual, very groovy. Put on your headphones, forget all the worries and politics at work and forget about the Coronavirus / COVID-19.

Take a moment of pleasure, and simply press play.

Enjoy the music and let people know about it by sharing it on your favorite social media networks and your playlists.

· Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2OpemZHO6xBK9KRY6AGNNe
· Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1483127202
· Youtube Video - I love my African: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOSTAaqYzVg

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Zilo Groove
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