LeakTronics Offers a 1.5 Inch Pipe Camera for Plumbing and Leak Detection Professionals

LeakTronics offers a pipe camera that corners 90 degree turns in one and a half inch pipes.

Agoura Hills, CA, April 08, 2020 --(PR.com)-- LeakTronics, the leading manufacturer and global distributor of professional leak detection equipment introduces the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 pipe camera for the plumbing and swimming pool leak detection industries. The technology assembled into the small camera head allows for maneuverability through 1+1/2 inch pipes with a clear view of what’s inside for under $2000.

The Hand Held Video Pro Camera (HHVP) for 1+1/2 inch Pipes offers one of the best visual aids in the industry and is an invaluable tool for any leak detection professional. The camera head is made to maneuver through 1+1/2 inch lines – including elbows and 90 degree turns. This is a feat that few cameras in the industry have been able to provide.

Pipes and plumbing in swimming pool environments, homes and commercial buildings all suffer from leaks in sub-surface pipes and often leads technicians to unnecessary digging and invasive techniques to see the leak. With the HHVP 1.5, seeing what’s causing leaks and blockage inside a 1-1/2 inch lines has never been easier.

The camera includes a digital metered counter, so the user knows how far into the pipe that the camera head is. Once the leak is found, measure out the distance. You’re ready to make repairs. For straight runs in one inch pipes, the and the attached guide keeps the view centered in the pipe and allows sight in places the user can’t see without otherwise digging.

The standard cable length included is 65 feet and LeakTronics can customize cameras to a users desired length, call for details. Along with the included dye injector tools, the HHVP 1.5 not only locates blockages, but can show leaks in detail as the leak is ingesting water and dye. The camera screen provides the ability to display what is seen inside the pipe and provides an insightful view to customers who suffer water loss as a result of pipe breaks and separations, cracks, breaks and leaks.

The camera also includes a recordable SD card slot and card to capture what the users sees and allows for audible notation, recording while the user speaks into the camera. Experienced technicians may also use the HHVP 1.5 with line flushing or line pulling.

HHVP 1.5 specifications:

Navigates 1-1/2 inch pipes and elbows
SD Drive to record what the camera sees and audio narration
7 inch LCD Screen w/ 320 x 960 Pixel Resolution
Meter Counter tells how deep the head is in the pipe.
AC/DC Power Supply
1″ (inch) Camera Head (without guide attached)
65′ (foot) Cable
Video out function for viewing on big screens
Image flip function to view in different angles
2.31″ TFT-LCD color monitor with adjustable brightness
Requires 4AA batteries for camera power supply
12 Adjustable LED Lights

On the LeakTronics website, buyers can review the details, see video content and read the user manual to fully understand the capability and power fo the hand Held Video Pro 1.5 and purchase directly from LeakTronics. The retail price is available now for $1905.

For more information, visit https://leaktronics.com or call 818-436-2953.
Joe Dolan