An Unscheduled Revolution is Taking Place at Canadian Independent Schools

Our Kids Media launches new online portal to tell the story of how the COVID-19 crisis; is changing education as we know it.

Mississauga, Canada, April 09, 2020 --( In the span of a few short weeks, educators at Canada’s independent schools have responded to the COVID-19 crisis by achieving an unprecedented feat.

Responsible for nearly 2,000 independent schools, and the education of more than 368,000 students, how these educators succeeded wasn’t a matter of strategy — it was culture.

To tell this story, and to serve the communities who count on them, Our Kids Media today announces the launch of Inside the COVID-19 response of Canada’s private schools.

The new online portal is designed to deliver a streamlined source of information for families, educators and stakeholders, as well as a centralized hub for their original reporting.

Readers visiting the platform can use the News Stream to check in on the broad landscape of Canada’s independent schools, while also diving deeper into the multi-faceted issues now facing the academic communities in their network.

The situation is one that’s still evolving, and the story is one that Our Kids Media can’t leave untold.

“This moment we are living in promises to change a lot for education as we know it,” says Our Kids Media publisher Agatha Stawicki.

“The art of pedagogy, the expectations of students, all the stakeholder relationships and structures in place — in 23 years since founding Our Kids Media, never has so much been in flux all at once.”

Pivoting on a dime, schools have put entire academic communities online, and shone a light on what makes the learning experiences they offer so strong in the first place.

Remote learning was, and, everyday, still is, a mammoth undertaking. Will young learners retain as well what they learn online? Will older students find a silver lining in how the situation sets them up for post-secondary? Will they even get to post-secondary in September, with unsettled questions still ahead with how grades, credits, assessments and admissions will work?

“To think that schools are shut down is a complete illusion,” Stawicki says.
“From what we’re publishing today, and what we’re working on for the weeks ahead, our readers will see for themselves how many pivotal stories are taking root today in what, in many ways, is the most sweeping, impactful pedagogical experiment in memory.”

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