AMCI Integrated Steppers for COVID-19 Vaccine Vial Machines

AMCI's integrated stepper motors are being used in custom vaccine vial coating machines built by R&D Custom Automation.

Terryville, CT, April 15, 2020 --( Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), an established manufacturer of motion control solutions, and R&D Custom Automation (R&D), builder of custom automation machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, are teaming up to help fight the COVID-19 virus. Under the Defense Production Act of 2020, AMCI & R&D are working closely to develop and manufacture essential automation machinery vital to the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials and production, with the expectation that clinical trials for the vaccine will begin in August.

R&D is using AMCI’s SMD Series Integrated EtherNet/IP Stepper Motors for their COVID-19 vaccine vial coating project because the motors provide a cost-effective solution to position the product during inspection. The machine’s automation requires smooth, precise motion control so the vials can be checked using line scan vision systems, which perform auto adjustments of camera positions based on the recipe.

R&D Custom Automation, located in Lake Villa, IL, builds high speed custom automation machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. R&D equipment typically uses advanced robotics, mechatronics, and vision systems, and this project will include over a dozen Kinetix® 5500 Servos.

Contact R&D Custom Automation for more information: Call (847) 395-3330 and ask for Eric Holmes or Javier Gumucio.

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