NordVPN Carried Out a Survey on VPN Service Usage

Latest Survey Shows Users Choose VPN for Security Reasons

London, United Kingdom, April 17, 2020 --( The latest VPN usage survey carried out by NordVPN shows that the majority of VPN service subscribers use the tool for their security online.

Asked in what situations they activate their VPN, 46% of respondents say they use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi (hotels, coffee shops, airports, etc.). Another 46% of users have their VPN turned on when trying to access sensitive or private content online. 33% of the surveyed people say they use a VPN whenever they are online. Other popular answers include “when using P2P,” “when trying to access streaming platforms,” “when using online banking,” etc.

According to Ruby Gonzalez, NordVPN’s Head of Communications, although the concept of a VPN might sound complicated to some people, both this study and the one conducted last year revealed that cybersecurity is the main reason why people choose a VPN. The internet is full of risks, and a VPN not only protects from them but also has many other handy features.

The research found that 73% of NordVPN users turn on their VPN at least several times a week (50% use it on a daily or almost daily basis). Ruby Gonzalez says that although VPN users have been activating the tool more often, the practice could be improved. “To guarantee all-round security, a VPN should be in use whenever a device is connected to the internet,” says the expert.

According to the research, 52% of respondents use their VPN on 3 or more devices (9% of them protect 5-6 gadgets). The need to secure other smart devices beyond smartphones and computers is significantly increasing. NordVPN, for example, allows to secure up to 6 devices simultaneously, including routers and smart TVs.

Less than half of respondents (48%) mentioned they use a VPN on their mobile devices in comparison to 85% of those who use it on desktop. On the other hand, another finding shows that smartphones are the dominant smart devices used at home. People use them more than laptops (84% versus 79%). “The research suggests that some users tend to forget their smartphones are as vulnerable as computers and, therefore, need the same level of protection,” explains Ruby Gonzalez.

NordVPN surveyed its 7,695 randomly selected active users during the period of July 24-29, 2019. The survey aimed to find out how the users utilize the tool, what they know about it, and how to improve their practice.

“Helping to keep our customers’ data safe is our number one priority. In addition to that, NordVPN users get a bunch of other valuable features, such as smooth online streaming and DNS leak protection,” says Ruby Gonzalez.

NordVPN is expanding its scope to become an all-around cybersecurity solution. This year, the VPN service provider has announced two new security tools — NordPass and NordLocker — and a new business VPN solution NordVPN Teams.

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