The Developers of NordVPN Are Working on a New Worldwide SIM Service

The developers of NordVPN, one of the world's most popular digital privacy and security products, are working on a new worldwide eSIM service - Saily, which will be launched this quarter. The early access sign-up is starting today. Saily, a new eSIM solution, will ensure that global connection to the internet is as smooth and effortless as possible. - January 15, 2024

Medical Institutions Remain One of the Most Vulnerable Sectors to Ransomware Attacks

A recent ransomware report by NordLocker shows that the health sector is still very vulnerable due to numerous ransomware attacks worldwide and a flawed security situation. Last year saw 64 ransomware attacks against medical companies. Attacks were carried out not only on large public hospitals but also against private, even one-person consultation offices. - July 30, 2023

NordLocker Report: A New Scary Ransomware Group is on the Rise

Researchers at NordLocker have observed a new ransomware group that is on the rise. A new ransomware group called Royal launched 26 attacks in one month. 60% of attacks have been carried out against US companies. The Royal ransomware group launched attacks in 18 countries worldwide. Attacks were primarily directed toward companies that had between 51 and 100 employees. - May 06, 2023

NordLocker is No Longer in "beta": A Confident Move to Serverless Architecture

We are happy to announce that after several years of development, NordLocker – an encrypted cloud storage solution developed by the team behind NordVPN – is no longer in “beta.” Recently, NordLocker has undergone important changes, the most important being that the product migrated from the old infrastructure running on virtual machines to a new serverless architecture. - February 26, 2023

Does Age Have an Impact on How We Store Our Files? NordLocker's Survey Says Yes.

Younger generations are less organized with their digital possessions but better at keeping track of unneeded files. - February 26, 2023

NordLayer: Cybercriminals Threaten Businesses Unprepared for Work from Anywhere Reality

The pandemic forced millions of workers to leave their offices and work remotely, creating new cybersecurity challenges for companies globally. Cybercriminals took notice, causing companies to experience record-setting losses brought about by data breaches. However, remote work is not a passing... - December 30, 2021

NordVPN Study: Brits Use Incognito Mode When Checking Health Issues, and Shopping for Gifts

Digital privacy expert shares 4 tips on how Britons can elevate their private browsing. - December 30, 2021

NordVPN Study Reveals That 1 in 3 Brits Use Fitness Devices: How to Protect Data?

Experts advise how to protect your fitness trackers. - December 30, 2021

NordVPN: 1 in 5 Admit They Are Reckless About Cybersecurity

Research shows that Millennials and Generation Z are the least conscious when it comes to cybersecurity. - December 30, 2021

NordVPN Teams: Businesses Move Beyond VPN to Secure Hybrid Settings

With the migration to remote and hybrid work over the last year, cyberattacks have increased at a rate of three to five times compared to pre-COVID. For a while now, VPNs have been a staple of a standard security setup and a fast track for mobile business security. But in a shifting climate,... - July 04, 2021

NordVPN Study: Brits Worry More About Cyberbullies Than They do About COVID-19

Cybersecurity expert shares tips on protecting children online. - July 03, 2021

NordVPN Teams: Authentication is Critical to Secure a $304.9 Billion Cloud Industry

Gartner estimates that public cloud revenue will grow 18.4% in 2021, reaching a total value of $304.9 billion. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated business transition to the cloud, yet 85% of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) admit they’ve neglected cybersecurity in favor of quickly... - June 20, 2021

NordVPN Study: 1 in 3 Brits Are the Most Worried About Their Personal Pictures Being Made Public

The dangers of exposed personal data and ways to avoid them. - June 06, 2021

NordVPN Teams: Cybersecurity Failure Among 4 Most Threatening Short-Term Global Risks in 2021

2021 Global Risk Perception Survey by the World Economic Forum (WEF) emphasizes cybersecurity becoming a social issue of modern times. Companies should consider cybersecurity as part of their CSR strategy to manage risk, build trust, and stay resilient in a changing digital landscape. Transparent client data collection and their appropriate protection prevent hackers and criminals from profiting from those that are vulnerable. - April 29, 2021

NordVPN Teams: The High Season of Fraud: Enterprises Lose $27 Billion to Tax Scams Every Year

Studies show that businesses lose $27 billion to tax scams annually and tax season is a prime time for fraudulent activity. Phishing emails are one of the leading attack vectors, thus, the FBI recently warned enterprises about a rise in business email compromise (BEC) schemes which will intensify... - March 26, 2021

NordVPN Suggests: 7 Movies About Cybersecurity and Hacking to Watch This Spring

Recent global cyber attacks: do they remind you of a movie? - March 13, 2021

NordVPN: The Dark Web Offers Loyalty Discounts When Selling Your Data

The picture of your passport you keep on your phone could yield $1,500 to cybercriminals. - March 09, 2021

Research from NordVPN: Microsoft Bing Server Exposed Users' Search Queries, Leaving Millions Vulnerable

A massive data leak exposes millions of search queries for adult content on Bing and leaves users vulnerable to extortion threats. - October 29, 2020

Research from NordPass: China Has the Largest Amount of Exposed Databases in the World

Researchers detected more than 2.6 billion entries including passwords, emails, and phone numbers. - September 27, 2020

NordLocker’s Research Explores What Data the Brits Want to Protect the Most and Why

Study: What digital data do the Brits want to protect the most? - September 24, 2020

NordVPN: Spanish Government Pioneers to Regulate Remote Working

Governments attempt to protect remote labor and set the grounds for new habits by regulating working conditions. - September 06, 2020

The US is the 5th Most Vulnerable to Cybercrime According to New Research

NordVPN’s Cyber Risk Index suggests that cybercrime increases with wages and time spent online. - June 05, 2020

NordVPN Carried Out a Survey on VPN Service Usage

Latest Survey Shows Users Choose VPN for Security Reasons - April 17, 2020

NordVPN: Oversharing Online Can Lead to Cyberbullying

NordVPN Provide Tips on How to Stay as Private as Possible. - January 24, 2020

NordVPN Teams Launched: a New Cybersecurity Solution for Businesses

One of the Biggest Consumer VPN Providers Enters Business VPN Market - January 18, 2020

Make 2020 the Most Secure Year Ever: Cybersecurity Resolutions Worth Sticking to

NordVPN has issued the most important online security resolutions for the new year. - January 09, 2020

Social Media Pictures Led Stalker to His Victim’s Home: How to Avoid Risk Online

NordVPN's Expert Provides Tips on How to Protect Yourself and Your Photos Online - November 22, 2019

NordVPN: Five Things You Must Teach Your Parents to be Safe Online

Report Finds Record-High Internet Use Among Older Generation. - October 18, 2019

NordVPN: This Year, Hackers Can Get Inside Your Kids Classroom

Many Schools Have Unsecure Wi-Fi Networks That Can be Easily Hacked. - September 30, 2019

Top 5 Common Online Threats That Parents Should Know

Daniel Markuson, NordVPN’s digital privacy expert, provides a list of the 5 most common problems that school-age children encounter online. - September 22, 2019

NordVPN: Five Common Mistakes We All Make on Social Media

NordVPN Digital Privacy Expert Explains Our Social Media Behavior and How to Improve It. - September 17, 2019

2019 FIBA World Cup: How to Stay Safe Online in China

Tips on How to Avoid Cybersecurity Issues During Big Public Events - September 05, 2019

NordVPN's Comment on Facebook Privacy Restrictions

Will Social Network Protect Your Data? - August 09, 2019

NordVPN: Younger Children Are Using Digital Devices More Than Ever Before

A Study Reveals Most Common Children’s Online Activities and Occurring Threats - July 19, 2019

NordVPN: How Stolen Data is Sold and Used

Learn How Your Data Can be Stolen, Where it Goes Afterwards, and How You Can Protect Yourself - July 10, 2019

NordVPN Provides Tips for Businesses on How to Protect Themselves from Data Breaches

How Not to Lose Your Customers Because of a Data Breach - July 03, 2019

Tips from NordVPN on How to Reduce the Risks of Connected Toys

Smart Toys Are Vulnerable: Hackers Can Spy on Parents and Talk to Children - June 20, 2019

NordVPN: European Net Neutrality is Under Attack

When the US destroyed its net neutrality, Europeans looked on secure in the thought that their net neutrality would be respected by the EU and its Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Unfortunately, this is not the case. Net neutrality is under attack by ISPs in the EU as well. - May 31, 2019

NordVPN Enters the Canadian Cybersecurity Market

NordVPN Partners with London Drugs to Make VPNs Even More Accessible for Canadian Users - May 18, 2019

Tips from NordVPN on How to Actually Browse Privately

Incognito Mode Online: Not as Private as You Think - April 29, 2019

Online Shoppers Face a New Threat That is Almost Impossible to Detect

NordVPN Warns Customers of E-Commerce Sites to be Vigilant While Shopping Online - April 25, 2019

NordVPN Opinion: Cyber Security Scare Ahead of Spain’s Elections

Ahead of Spain’s elections in April and May, the country's government is reportedly creating a special unit to identify cyber threats and fake news. The government is concerned about potential campaigns of disinformation and cyber attacks. - April 17, 2019

Five Tips from NordVPN That Will Help You to Stay Secure Online

The online threat landscape is becoming more and more frightening. The range of cybercrime covers everything from phishing and pharming to ransomware and massive DDoS. Worse still, security threats have moved beyond just malicious and financial intent. - March 25, 2019

NordVPN: Five Simple Steps to Ensure Online Security for Businesses

Top Five Tips for Businesses: It’s Everyone’s Job to Ensure Cybersecurity at Work. - March 22, 2019

People Worldwide Are More Concerned About Losing Their Online Identities Than About Physical Harm

NordVPN Provides Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Online - March 16, 2019

NordVPN Explains How to Secure All Smart Home Devices Instantly

How Can You Stay Secure at Your Smart Home? - March 07, 2019

NordVPN Provides Cybersecurity Advice Aimed at Medical Organizations

Hackers Continue to Target the Healthcare Sector in the U.S. - March 04, 2019

Non-Tech VPN Beginner's Guide from NordVPN: What is a VPN, and Why Would I Need One?

How to Choose a VPN? 9 Questions Any User Should Ask. - February 16, 2019

Four Ways How a NordVPN Browser Extension Can Keep You Safer Online

Why You Should Use a VPN Extension on Your Internet Browser - February 09, 2019

NordVPN Adds Adyen as a Payment Option

With Adyen, NordVPN Moves to Fully Self-Hosted Payment Processing - February 05, 2019

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