Donate XinFin's XDC to Help Public Education During COVID-19 with FundMyDegree

XDC Coin powered Blockdegree launches an easy tool to request education sponsorship with a few clicks. It allows using payment options like PayPal or XDC coin.

Sacramento, CA, April 20, 2020 --( Millions of students, housewives, and executives are forced to stay home due to lockdown put in place after the COVID-19 pandemic. In such a time, online education is more crucial than ever so that everyone can update their professional skills while still home., by working tirelessly, is introducing a new, direct donation feature called “FundMyDegree” to empower online education.

What is FundMyDegree?
FundMyDegree is an initiative of Blockdegree using which donors can fund or sponsor education certificate costs (USD 10) for the students. As a token of gratitude toward the donor, their name will be featured on the certificate as a sponsor. Link:

On this occasion, Mr.Ankit Patel from says, “FundMyDegree would help millions of students, housewives, and executives request sponsorship for their degree certificate in a matter of a few clicks. We are inviting users to start inviting relatives, government institutes, corporate and NGOs to fund education certificates using the power of social media.”

He also added, “Blockdegree Platform is powered by the XDC Blockchain Network and its early use case is to store degree or documents using tamper-proof blockchain technology.” also invites Campus Ambassadors to join the mission to bring better education to millions of students. Apply to become a Campus Ambassador.
About the Blockdegree

Edtech firm is a platform that provides free access to various educational courses on blockchain technology. It plans to add more free courses for its users in the future. Courseware is free on the platform but to store degree certificates on a tamper-proof blockchain network, students or executives need to pay USD 10 worth of fees. So far, more than 5000 users have already registered and taken advantage of the free course on blockchain technology. Blockdegree, powered by XDC, and XDC coin can be acquired through its liquid markets listed at
XinFin Fintech Pte. Ltd.
Nadar Suresh