No Sale of Jagex Yet - Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc. Interested in Exploring Purchasing Jagex

Stop Order on Sale of Jagex Limited

No Sale of Jagex Yet - Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc. Interested in Exploring Purchasing Jagex
Irvine, CA, May 01, 2020 --( To avoid market confusion, Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc. (PSH), which has long maintained its plan to purchase Shanghai Fukong Interactive Entertainment Company, Ltd. (“Shanghai Fukong”) today issues this public release. Allegedly, Matthew Browndorf, in his capacity as the authorized signatory of Platinum Fortune, LP; PSI Platinum Fortune LLC and Platinum Alpha Enterprise Limited received a stop order. Matthew Browndorf is now the CEO of Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc.

PSH is interested in and is taking measures toward exploring purchasing Jagex Limited.

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