RateTiger to Help American Hotels Navigate Through the Channel Management Jungle

“Re-launch” in the United States brings proven hotel technology tools to chains, independents and other lodging providers

Colonia, NJ, April 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- As part of a bold expansion plan into the global hospitality market, RateTiger, expert in online distribution management, today announced an expanded focus on American hoteliers coupled with an exclusive offering to U.S. and Canadian hotel companies. RateTiger is known globally for its innovative product offering for the hotel industry, delivering quality, flexibility, ease of use and stability, and allowing hoteliers to manage room rates and inventory through numerous online distribution channels more efficiently. RateTiger was founded in the United States in 2001; global headquarters are in New Jersey.

RateTiger will be extending a free 90-day trial offer of its signature product, RTAllocator Pro, to independent and chain hotels in the U.S. and Canada who struggle with the growing challenge of managing inventory through multiple third-party booking websites, such as Expedia and Priceline, along with the myriad additional channels in which inventory is distributed. RTAllocator Pro allows hoteliers to review their currently loaded rates and inventory before they update a wide variety of distribution channels simultaneously. By using a single interface, completing this vital task becomes a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Features and Functionality
RTAllocator Pro allows users to:
· View current inventory allocation and rates at multiple websites (more than 250 third-party websites available) on one screen
· Allocate rates and inventory to maximum gain
· Maintain rate/room type plans to reduce manual interference during updates
· Update revised allocation and rates in real-time
· Maintain an updated log of competitor updates
· Access summarized reports to view entire inventory positions
· Access built-in extranet rules, allowing users to adhere to each site’s capabilities and restrictions.

“For hotel companies, effectively managing online distribution channels is a critical factor in staying competitive – and profitable – in today’s hospitality industry. The growing number of booking websites and other distribution channels has made it increasingly challenging to effectively manage room inventory and rate fluctuations,” said Sascha Hausmann, RateTiger’s chief operating officer. “We have deep experience working with hotels around the world to significantly reduce the time spent managing various channels and are going to replicate that success here in the U.S. We started here, we’re back and we plan to solve the pain points for hotel rate managers.”

Free 90-Day Trial
As part of its exclusive offer to U.S. and Canadian based hotels, RateTiger will be offering a free 90-day trial of RTAllocator Pro which includes:
· Full functionality
· Integration of up to 10 websites
· Market information on available sites
· 24/7 support
· Multiple languages selectable at login for multilingual staff
· Software performance optimizer
· Maximum data protection backed by security certification

“We have successfully provided hotels with the valuable market insight needed to stay competitive. To prove it, we are offering American hotels this free trial offer, so they can see firsthand the advantage of seamless channel and rate management,” said Hausmann. “This trial will allow hotel professionals to compare, in a true head-to-head assessment, RateTiger’s RTAllocator Pro against competing technologies.”

RateTiger will introduce its full spectrum of products to help U.S.-based hotels and hospitality chains manage the demands of rate management and inventory distribution including:
· RTShopper, a price comparison tool
· RTChannel Manager, which provides information to optimize prices across all channels and then update all easily
· RTCorp, a benchmarking and management solution for corporate headquarters
· RTWeb, a benchmarking tool tailored for Online Travel Agents
· RTConnect, the ability to use all RT products through XML connectivity
· RTStrategy, launched in June 2008, a revenue management system

About RateTiger
RateTiger has been a leader in Online Distribution Management tools since 2001 and continues to pioneer new technologies for the hospitality industry. Rate Tiger, by eRevMax, now operates in 60 countries and 415 cities across the world and has become the industry-wide benchmark for managing online distribution. The RateTiger product portfolio enables hoteliers to switch from a time-consuming and complicated multi-channel process to a single point of entry to the market, hence allowing for easy update of distribution channels and travel portals, and rate comparison with competitors, in real-time.

Rate Tiger is headquartered in the U.S., with an office in London and technical development center in India. eRevMax employs more than 150 people across the globe. RateTiger is rapidly expanding across the European and American markets. For more information please visit http://www.ratetiger.com/us.

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