Glagoslav Publications is to Publish a New Installment in Its Polish Portfolio, a Collection of Works by a Contemporary Polish Writer Rafał Wojasiński

London, United Kingdom, May 29, 2020 --( Summary:

Awarded the prestigious Marek Nowakowski Prize for 2019, Olanda introduces readers to a world one glimpses only through the window of the train, as one would hurry from one important city to another: a provincial world of dilapidated farmhouses and sagging apartment blocks, overgrown cemeteries and village drunks; a world seemingly abandoned by God — and yet full of the basic human joy of life itself.

This English translation of Olanda, which includes the radio play Old Man Kalina, brings one of Poland’s great contemporary writers of fiction to the wider world for the first time. These narratives may not contain the entire world, just like a village at the end of a dirt road running through ponds, that floods after a heavy rain, does not contain all that may be found in Warsaw. But the world they contain is an intriguing one, in which everyone, from aging beauties through gravedigger philosophers, defrocked seminarians and even the occasional politician, is welcome.

About the Author:

Rafał Wojasiński (born 1974) is a celebrated author of fiction and drama. Among his works are Złodziej ryb (The Fish Thief, 2004), Stara (The Old Woman, 2011) and Olanda (2018), as well as the plays Długie życie (A Long Life, 2017), Dziad Kalina (Old Man Kalina, 2018), and Siostry (Sisters, 2019). Many of his dramatic works have also been performed as radio plays; his philosophical novel Stara was adapted for the Polish Radio Theatre by Waldemar Modestowicz. His works have been translated into English, French, Spanish and Bulgarian, and have been consistently nominated for prestigious literary awards, among which: the Gdynia Dramaturgical Award (for Siostry, 2019) and the Marek Nowakowski Literary Award (also 2019, for Olanda).

About the Translator:

Charles S. Kraszewski (born 1962) is the author of three volumes of original poetry, as well as numerous translations from Polish and Czech, including classics such as Adam Mickiewicz’s Dziady (Forefathers’ Eve) and experimental poets of the modern period like Tytus Czyżewski A Burglar of the Better Sort — Poems, Dramatic Works, and Theoretical Writings, both published by Glagoslav.

Review copies are available upon request.

Title: Olanda
Author: Rafał Wojasiński
Translator: Charles S. Kraszewski
Publisher: Glagoslav Publications
Language: English
ISBN: 9781912894710, 9781912894727, 9781912894734
Extent: 170 pages
Price: €19.99 (PB), €23.99 (HB), €9.95 (e-book)
Format: paperback, hardback, e-book
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