Segers Aero Equipped to Perform 54H60 Propeller Overhauls Per Change 35 of the TO

Segers implements equipment, tooling and processes to comply with the revised Hamilton Sundstrand 54H60 propeller overhaul requirements per Change 35 of the USAF manuals.

Fairhope, AL, June 09, 2020 --( Segers Aero Corporation implemented new equipment, tooling and processes to overhaul and repair the Hamilton Sundstrand 54H60 propellers installed on the C130 and P3 aircraft.

Established in 1976, Segers is a Rolls-Royce Authorized Maintenance Center for the T56/501 engine, a Lockheed Martin Hercules QEC Service Center and a Honeywell approved facility for the fuel systems on the T56 engines (including the E-2 Hawkeye aircraft). The company also provides full repair and overhaul of C130 and P-3 propellers (Hamilton Sundstrand 54H60 propellers). Segers was also the first facility selected worldwide to upgrade and install the Rolls-Royce T56 3.5 engines on a customer fleet.

Collins Aerospace, in conjunction with the US Air Force and US Navy, are in the process of updating and changing the repair and overhaul requirements of the Hamilton Sundstrand 54H60 propeller.

Segers has worked closely with the OEM and the USAF in order to identify and invest in the capital equipment, tooling requirements and processes to comply with the revised overhaul and repair manuals. Segers completed this project and will induct the first two customer propellers for overhaul in June 2020, which will be performed per the USAF latest overhaul manual requirements (TO 3H1-18-3, Change 35 dated 1 April 2020 (TO 3H1-18-3S-9)).

"The changes in the overhaul process are substantial with significant investment requirements in the latest technology and inspection techniques," added Christo Kok, Segers Aero Corporation CEO. "With this investment and the expansion of the engine and propeller accessories and components line in 2019, the business is expected to grow substantially in support of our customer base worldwide. We are particularly excited in providing a solution for the 54H60 propeller overhaul requirements for international militaries and operators."

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