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Japanese Art Auction MEGURU Vol. 04 - The Marketplace for Japanese Art

Preview: June 27 (Sat.) to July 5 (Sun.), 2020; Announcement of Results: July 7 (Tues.), 2020; Exhibiting: Approx 600 lots. BS Fuji Co., Ltd. and Kashima Arts Co., Ltd. will co-host the 4th volume of the Japanese Art Auction, "MEGURU," from June 27 to July 5, 2020. The Japanese art platform, MEGURU, is a sealed-bid auction that was designed toward easy and universal participation. Whether a novice or an expert, there are works for everyone to enjoy.

Tokyo, Japan, June 11, 2020 --(PR.com)-- MEGURU is a platform where Japanese art can be bought and sold with ease, assurance, and enjoyment. Whether a beginner or an expert, all participants are welcome. Compiling works all over Japan, each MEGURU delivers a large collection of lots alongside a respective catalog. With 20,000+ customers, Kashima Arts shares these works with Japanese art lovers worldwide. During the preview, all works can be viewed, free of charge, at the Kashima Arts gallery. Following the last bid, results are compiled then published on the MEGURU website.

Having established itself for 30 years as a respected antique dealer, Kashima Arts has acquired a deep understanding of the Japanese art market. With an aim to serve both parties, Kashima Arts is the ultimate median that services the seller and the buyer.

The MEGURU vol. 4 catalog will feature approx. 600 lots. Take this opportunity to contact Kashima Arts for a free MEGURU catalog.

All lots can also be viewed on the MEGURU website: https://meguru-auction.jp/en

Why choose MEGURU?

For those who want to buy
1. Each lot is screened and selected by Kashima Arts
Each work is carefully selected by Kashima Arts. In addition to media appearances, Kashima Arts actively collaborates with numerous institutions and experts to help advance and promote Japanese art. Do rest assured that each work is selected for its quality and merit.

2. A chance to buy art at a surprisingly affordable price.
Unlike regular auctions, MEGURU is a sealed-bid auction. All bids remain confidential until the final date, so buyers can set their bids at a reasonable price range. Depending on the popularity of the lot, some lots may even be obtained at an unexpectedly low price.

3. The extensive line-up & the lowest minimum bid of 30,000 yen.
To the newcomer who is interested in Japanese art but thinks the point of entry seems too high, to the experienced collector; MEGURU's wide offering of paintings to tea-ware is sure to satisfy all needs. Furthermore, since the lowest bid starts at 30,000 yen, points of entry are kept within reach.

4. View and bid anytime, anywhere online.
View and bid for all works on the MEGURU website (https://meguru-auction.jp/en). The site can be accessed through any device, so lot browsing and bidding can be done any time or place. During the preview, works can be viewed at the gallery, but condition reports and inquiries are always welcome. Customers may also contact Kashima Arts to claim a free catalog if they please.

For those who want to sell
1. Price transparency & the chance to sell at an unexpectedly high value
As there are no additional mediators, all works are sold directly to the buyer. Furthermore, because the highest bid determines the selling price, all sales are transparent. Depending on the popularity of the work, lots can be awarded unexpectedly high valuations.

2. Expert assessment and valuation
In addition to the consultations made with the sellers, each lot’s price is determined with a careful assessment of value.

3. A chance to showcase works to 20,000+ art lovers
With more than 30 years of operation, Kashima Arts has introduced works to numerous Japanese art lovers and has amassed over a client base of over 20,000.

4. No more pesky sales procedures and formalities
From the price assessment of a work to its delivery, there’s plenty of procedures involved when selling your work. With MEGURU, all assessments, catalogs, marketing, payments, and deliveries are handled by Kashima Arts.


- Bijin-ga
Since ancient times, Bijin-ga (paintings of beautiful women) has been a major subject within Japanese art. This edition of MEGURU will offer works by the great masters of Bijin-ga; Takehisa Yumeji, Ito Shinsui, Kaburaki Kiyokata & Ito Shoha.

- Kataoka Tamako
Known as the passionate painter who challenged modern Nihon-ga (Japanese-style painting), this MEGURU will feature the most iconic of Kataoka Tamako's works, her paintings of Mt. Fuji.

- Calligraphy
Featuring works by the heroes of Imperial Japan: Bakumatsu Sanshu, Saigo Nanshu, Fukuzawa Yukichi & Soejima Taneomi.

- Mingei
Subverting traditional notions of beauty, Mingei celebrates the beauty of utilitarian objects. This MEGURU will feature the great crafts of Kawai Kanjiro, Munakata Shiko, Hamada Shoji & Bernard Leach.

Feature Works 

Ito Jakuchu, “Lobster”
Starting Bid: ¥2,000,000

Tanaka Isson, “Wisteria”
Starting Bid:¥1,000,000

Umehara Ryuzaburo "Landscape in Venice"
Starting Bid:¥2,300,000

Hakuin Ekaku “Jurojin (God of Longevity)”
Starting Bid:¥800,000

Emile Galle, “Vase with Enamel Dahlia”
Starting Bid:¥1,000,000

Event Schedule
Japanese Art Auction MEGURU vol. 4
Preview: June 27 (Sat) - July 5 (Sun), 2020
Last Bid: July 5 (Sun), 6pm JST.
Results: July 7 (Tues), 3pm JST.
Venue: Kashima Arts
Lots approx. 600

*Depending on COVID-19, business hours are subject to change. Check the Kashima Arts Facebook (@kashima.arts), Instagram and Twitter (@kashima_arts) for updates.
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