Candidate Manimas Cries Out "Make America Responsible Again"

Presidential candidate John Manimas and the Real Democracy Party propose that American voters retire the two-party system and adopt democratic elections reforms that would stop voter suppression and set up a safe multi-party system. This publicity, video and website includes researched political history and political science information. John Manimas registered with FEC: P00014126.

Candidate Manimas Cries Out "Make America Responsible Again"
Schenectady, NY, June 12, 2020 --( Presidential candidate John Manimas said that his unique write-in campaign is not a third party and is designed to offer a referendum to non-voters on his proposal to retire the two-party system. Manimas has posted his short video entitled, "Make America Responsible Again" on YouTube. Manimas said, "My campaign video appeals to non-voters and explains how they can cast a write-in ballot in 2020 to enact a set of elections reforms that would end voter suppression and enable new political parties to compete for public support." Complete information on the John Manimas political education campaign and his recommendation for a "Revolution by Vote" is posted online at the Real Democracy Party (RDP) website. The Manimas video and RDP website include verified political history and political science information about the flaws in the restricted American two-party system and recommendations for how to correct them.

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