New at Online-Devices: IA-2124-E: A New Web Controlled, Multi-performance Digital I/O Module

Online-Devices is pleased to announce the newest addition to its stock - the new Intelligent-Appliance digital I/O module, the IA-2124-E featuring expanded features in order to enhance its dialog efficiency and produce width- controlled pulses.

Huston, TX, June 17, 2020 --( This new device includes 16 digital input channels and 16 digital output channels featuring negative logic, with up to 100 mA per channel. Complementary device, featuring positive logic and similar performance is the IA-2125-E.

Both models support “Dry-Contact” and “Wet-Contact” Input signals, and both allow creating interrupts based on a change of status at each of the inputs, depending on the user's setting.

These modules include maskable peer-to-peer infrastructure and are able to send an update to a 3rd party chosen IP on demand.

Software support package includes Visual Studio and Labview, along with open code examples and operating routines.

The IA-2124-E features a smallfoot-print and is DIN rail mountable.

Requests for additional commands and/or special features or performance are welcome.
Gale Wenger